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The beginning of spring in 2020 is coming. Look at the spring greeting customs of foreigners

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a year lies in spring. Spring is a symbol of hope and vitality for many people. In ancient China, people created countless customs in order to welcome the arrival of spring. In fact, not only in China, in order to welcome the Spring Festival, countries all over the world also have a variety of spring customs. Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

2020年立春即将到来 看看外国人的迎春风俗

what month is the beginning of spring in 2020: Tuesday, February 4, 2020, the eleventh day of the first lunar month.

Russia's "meat Festival" meat Festival "is also known as the winter festival. This festival is very popular in Russia and other Eastern European regions. The time is changed from the end of February or the beginning of March every year to Lent (the fasting date of Dongzheng starts seven weeks before Easter and has no fixed date. Generally, it shall not be earlier than March 22 or later than April 25 every year), The festival period is 7 days, and the first day of the festival is generally called spring day. Young people wrestle and play in the snow. People sing and dance, play games, eat pancakes and burn scarecrows, waiting for the early arrival of spring.

India's "huri Festival" is a traditional Hindu festival. Huri Festival (also known as "red sprinkling Festival") is not only a traditional festival for Indians to celebrate the beginning of spring, but also a national festival in India. It originated from the activities of the ancients looking forward to a bumper harvest and is held from February to March every year. During the festival, from dignitaries to ordinary people, they are singing and dancing to welcome the arrival of spring. According to traditional customs, people not only paint their faces and bodies, but also friendly throw colored pigments and powders on others to show their blessings. In a moment, everyone becomes a "big flower face" with thick ink and heavy colors, and their clothes become colorful.

Groundhog Day in North America on February 2 every year is a traditional festival in North America. Tens of thousands of people will gather in one place to participate in the spring activities of "Groundhog Day". The marmot, a small round animal, is responsible for forecasting the season. It is said that if the marmot can't see its own shadow after drilling out of the cave, it means that this spring is coming.


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