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What is the origin of spring

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winter has come. Can spring be far behind? The beginning of spring is an important turning point for people to say goodbye to winter and usher in spring. The beginning of spring is one of the twenty-four solar terms in China. For modern people, the beginning of spring has nothing to mention, but it has been paid great attention to in the past. Do you know the origin of spring? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look! The origin of


, 立春的由来是什么,


the beginning of spring is one of the important traditional solar terms among the Han people. "Li" means "beginning". Since the Qin Dynasty, China has always regarded the beginning of spring as the beginning of spring. The beginning of spring is divided from astronomy. Spring is warm, with birds singing and flowers fragrant; Spring is growth, ploughing and sowing. The period from the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer is called spring. In climatology, spring refers to the period of climate (five days as a climate) and average temperature of 10 ° C-22 ° C.


long ago, people only knew hunting and did not know farming. They often had a hungry and full meal, and life was very hard. Later, a Shennong family came out and tasted all kinds of grass and grains. People began to grow crops and life gradually got better. Therefore, the five emperors were very concerned about farming. In the Zhou Dynasty, they even mentioned farming to the court, and ordered local officials to hold a Spring Festival ceremony every year to plough with the people.


it is said that the ceremony at that time was very grand. On the day before the beginning of spring, local officials took a bath, put on plain clothes, didn't sit in sedan chairs or ride horses, walked to the countryside, gathered villagers, set up tables to offer offerings, burned incense and kowtowed, and made a local ox symbolizing spring cattle in front of the offering table. The Yamen servant disguised as the God of Gou mang symbolizing harvest and held a whip, which means to beat the laziness of spring cattle, Usher in a year's harvest.


the characteristics of the beginning of spring. At the beginning of spring, people obviously feel that the day is longer and the temperature is higher. This time is just at the time of communication in winter and spring. Crops are growing rapidly and there is a great demand for water. China had a Spring Festival ceremony 3000 years ago, and many fixed customs have been formed so far.


the custom of spring outing (spring outing and parade): primogenitors dressed as roosters walk in the front, then a group of people carry the image of huge spring cattle, and the later people dress up as shepherd boys leading cattle, big dolls delivering spring peaches and swallows. Picture of spring cattle: in some places, a yellow paper with spring cattle is pasted on the wall. Yellow represents land and spring cattle represents farming, commonly known as "spring cattle map". Chunwa: Xiangning and other places are used to making small dolls with silk, called "Chunwa", which are worn on children.


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