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What is the day before the beginning of spring and why

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in China, some folk customs have been passed down by adults from mouth to mouth, so they have been preserved and become traditional customs. These customs were put forward by people at that time according to their own environment and humanities, with certain timeliness and regionality. Many people have heard that there are many things you can't do the day before the beginning of spring. Why? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

立春前一天是什么日子 为什么

what is the day before the beginning of spring: Jue RI in the old yellow calendar, people believe in the five elements theory and believe that everything has its inherent attributes and constantly changes naturally. It was first applied in medicine and later gradually extended to all things in the world. According to the characteristics of natural changes of various solar terms, winter belongs to water, Spring belongs to wood, summer belongs to fire and autumn belongs to gold. Therefore, according to the law of natural change, spring returns to spring after the beginning of spring, so there is no water, so it is called winter Jue. So of course, the first day of spring is the last day.


, 立春前一天是什么日子 为什么,


were originally the normal alternation of the four seasons, but because the word "Jue" is very bad and there are cut-off and exhaustive explanations, people think that this day is a bad day, and there are many taboos among the people, such as saying that it is not suitable to go out and do things on Jue days.

立春前一天是什么日子 为什么

the taboo of the beginning of spring. The beginning of spring is the same as the first month. Everything recovers in the beginning of spring, and the growth of plants and trees conforms to the natural law. How can human hair be damaged like plants and trees? It is not suitable to move on the day of spring. Spring is the beginning of a year. It is said that if you move at this time, it means a turbulent year, so people don't choose this time to move. Try not to go to the hospital on the beginning of spring. Most people know this taboo on the first day of the new year of the traditional festival. In fact, the beginning of spring is the same. It is not suitable to wait at home on the day of the beginning of spring. When everything recovers in the warm spring, we must go out and have a good spirit to welcome a new beginning. It is forbidden to quarrel on the beginning of spring. If there are disputes due to unhappiness on this day, it will be very unlucky in the year, so we should treat people with kindness and make everything happy. It is forbidden to marry a girl back to her mother's house on the day of spring. If a married woman chooses to go back to her mother's house on the day of spring, it indicates that she will return to her mother's house and her marriage will be bad. Therefore, if she wants her parents, she'd better be patient and go back another day.


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