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What are the three syndromes of waking insects and what are the climatic characteristics

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is the third of the 24 solar terms and the first of March. The arrival of startling insects indicates the beginning of farming, and there are three periods of startling insects. Then this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to know what the three periods of startling insects are and what climatic characteristics they have.


what are the three stages of waking a dormant? The first stage is peach blossom, the second stage is canggeng (Oriole) singing, and the third stage is eagle turning into dove. "The description is that it is the middle of spring, when peach flowers are red and pear flowers are white, orioles sing and swallows fly. According to the general climate law, before and after the sting, the weather has begun to warm, there is more and more rain, and most areas have entered spring farming. When you wake up all kinds of insects hibernating in the soil, the winter eggs will also begin to egg. Thus, it can be seen that waking insects is a solar term reflecting natural phenological phenomena.


the climatic characteristics of the sting season are "spring thunder rings and everything grows". The hibernation season is a good sunny day in "99". The temperature rises and the rain increases. Except that the northeast and northwest regions are still covered with silver makeup in winter, the average temperature in most parts of China has risen to more than 0 ℃, the daily average temperature in North China is 3-6 ℃, and that along the Yangtze River and Jiangnan is more than 8 ℃, while that in southwest and South China has reached 10-15 ℃, which has long been a harmonious spring. "Spring thunder startles hundreds of insects". Warm climate conditions are conducive to the occurrence and spread of a variety of diseases and pests, and weeds in the field also germinate one after another. It is necessary to do a good job in disease and pest control and intercropping weeding in time. "Peach blossom, classical swine fever", the epidemic prevention of poultry and livestock should also be paid attention to. At this time, the temperature rose rapidly, and spring thunder has gradually appeared in most areas of the Yangtze River Basin.


the significance of the solar term of waking up to insects. In March, there are two solar terms of "waking up to insects" and "spring equinox", and the solar term of waking up to insects is of great significance in busy farming. Since ancient times, the working people of our country have attached great importance to the solar term of waking insects and regarded it as the beginning of spring ploughing. A poem of the Tang Dynasty says, "light rain brings new flowers, and a thunder awakens the insects. The Tian family is idle for a few days, and farming begins." winter wheat in North China begins to grow green, and the soil is still frozen and thawed alternately. Raking the ground in time is an important measure to reduce water evaporation. "Waking insects without raking the ground is like steaming steamed buns, which is the valuable experience of the local people in drought prevention and moisture conservation.


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