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What day is the beginning of spring in 2020? What is the spring God of all countries

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in the past thousands of years, agricultural farming is an important content of people's production, and spring is an important season of farming. Therefore, it is very necessary to pray for good weather in spring. In this context, the spring God came into being. Do you know when spring begins in 2020? Who is the spring God of all countries in the world? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

2020年立春是哪一天 各国春神是什么

the beginning of spring in 2020 is Tuesday, February 4, 2020. The lunar calendar is the eleventh day of the first month of the year of the gengzi (the year of the rat).

2020年立春是哪一天 各国春神是什么

spring gods of various countries

Egyptian spring God: the spring God in ancient Egyptian mythology is called essi. She is the wife of the God of the earth and the valley god Osiris. Osiris dies once a year in winter. When spring comes, his wife, Essie, will bring him back to life with a warm spring breeze.

2020年立春是哪一天 各国春神是什么

Greek spring God: first, Persephone; One said that the God of spring in the ancient Greek mythology of Tarot was Persephone. She was the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and Zeus, the king of gods. She was the God of grain. She was kidnapped by Hades to the underworld, married Hades and became the queen of the underworld. Hades and Zeus agreed to let Persephone return to the earth in half of the year and to the underworld in general, so the world has four seasons. The goddess of spring in Greek mythology. She belongs to one of the three seasonal goddesses of holai, and sometimes to the goddess of beauty and benefit. It is generally believed that she is the daughter of Helios and Selene. Tarot, as the goddess of spring, makes plants flourish and green shoots sprout.

Chinese Spring God: Jumang spring God is a green emperor. Shang Shuwei said: "spring is both the East emperor and the education emperor." since spring, the color of grass and trees began to turn green, which extends that the lush appearance of plants can be called green. The book of songs has "green bamboo and green night". Jumang (or the famous Julong) is the descendant of SHAOHAO. It is a famous official of Fuxi. After death, he became the wood God (spring God), in charge of the germination and growth of trees. The sun rises from Fusang every morning, the sacred tree Fusang belongs to the sentence mang tube, and the place where the sun rises also belongs to the sentence mang tube. Jumang was very important in ancient times. There was a share of Spring Festival sacrifice every year. His true face was a bird - a bird with a human face and two dragons. Later, he had no influence at all. However, we can see him in the sacrificial ceremony and New Year pictures: he became a shepherd boy riding cattle in spring, with a bun on his head and a willow whip in his hand, also known as mangtong.


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