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What the old people will pay special attention to at the beginning of spring

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has some common sayings, which represent the code of conduct and principles of life in the past of an era. Our young people now probably scoff at these old customs and think they are old antiques and should be thrown into the dustbin. However, there are some reasons. Today, let's go to the old yellow calendar and talk about what the old people will pay special attention to at the beginning of spring.

立春时节 老人会特别注意的事

good men don't whip spring and good women don't look at the lights. In the past days, people often said: good men don't whip spring and good women don't look at the lights. This sentence is related to the Customs at the beginning of spring.


in the past, there was a custom - "whip spring" on the day of the beginning of spring, that is, beating cattle sculptures made of mud with whips. The main moral is to remind the hibernating cattle to prepare for work and hope to have a good harvest in the field next year. However, those who participate in "whip spring" are generally men who have conflicts due to competition and thus affect neighborhood relations. Therefore, the villagers agreed that good men should not participate in "whip spring". The second half of


is "good women don't look at the lights". In the past, women paid more attention to famous festivals. Around the beginning of spring, light tours were held at night. In the past, farmers were more conservative. Many people watched the lantern show. When women went, they were prone to right and wrong or accidents. So in the past, farmers thought that good women would not go out at night. Some customs and precautions of


at the beginning of spring, families put up calligraphy and paintings of spring greeting on their doors, and the paintings related to spring characters include Chimonanthus chinensis and spring greeting. In some rural areas, women also cut spring swallow flower and bird hairpins (or specially bought spring swallow hairpins), cut chickens with red paper and stick them to the door. In terms of daily health care, the temperature is often uncertain for a period of time after the beginning of spring. Be careful of the intrusion of "cold in spring", especially for weak people, cold and fever are common. In this regard, experts said that in order to sterilize and prevent cold, we can increase the number of "flavor flush" foods such as garlic, onion and celery, which is very beneficial to prevent multiple respiratory infections such as typhoid and cold in spring. In addition, Shouwu liver tablets, ginseng rice tripe, swallow sea cucumber and other medicinal diets have the effect of tonifying, so they can be eaten appropriately. Jujube and job's tears replenish qi and nourish blood. They are also suitable for eating in spring.


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