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What time will it be in 2020

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is one of the twenty-four solar terms in China. The ancients generally started farming on the day of waking up. The time of waking up is generally from March 5 to 6 of the Gregorian calendar, and the specific time of each year is different. In this issue of the old yellow calendar, let's take a look at the time of


, 2020年惊蛰时间几点几分,


in 2020. In 2020, the time of dormancy is 10:59 on March 5 of the Gregorian calendar and February 12 of the gengzi year of the lunar calendar.


are the phenological characteristics of hibernating. Hibernating means that the weather warms up, spring thunder begins to sound, and insects hibernating underground are awakened. Sting means hiding. In fact, insects can't hear the thunder. Spring returns and the warming weather is the reason why they end their hibernation and "run away". The season of waking insects is a good time for all things to grow. All kinds of crops can be planted. As the solar term with the fastest temperature rise in the whole year, except that the northeast and northwest regions are still covered with silver makeup in winter, the average temperature in most parts of China has risen to more than 0 ℃, the daily average temperature in North China is 3-6 ℃, and that in the areas along the Yangtze River and the south of the Yangtze River is more than 8 ℃, while that in the southwest and South China has reached more than 10-15 ℃, which has long been a harmonious spring, Sunshine hours also increased significantly.


the important significance of waking insects the solar terms of waking insects are of great significance in busy farming. Since ancient times, the working people of our country have attached great importance to the solar term of waking insects and regarded it as the beginning of spring ploughing. In Chinese traditional culture, location is associated with the time of the main branches and eight trigrams. When the bucket handle points to the East and the hexagram is in the earthquake position, it is the moon in mid spring. When everything comes out, the changes of heaven and earth can be realized. In the twenty-four solar terms, stinging reflects the growth and development of natural organisms affected by climate change.


the farming proverb that startles the insects blows up the soil and cools it 45. Although winter is over and spring is cold, it is difficult for everything to recover. When it comes to waking up the hibernating insects, I hear the thunder. The weather is getting colder and warmer, and the fields in North China are melting. Spring production has reached a climax, and spring farming is busy from south to north. Topdressing and watering the wheat field, followed by hoeing and loosening the soil. Barley, peas, sunflowers, assault sowing, don't wait. Garlic can not be planted for nine years. It is carefully managed in the greenhouse.


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