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How to keep healthy with grain in ear

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as one of the four ancient civilizations, China naturally has a profound cultural heritage. In ancient times, people subdivided the year into 24 solar terms in order to facilitate farming and harvest. In addition to their respective characteristics and corresponding folk activities, these solar terms also have different ways of health preservation. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to know what to do for health preservation of grain in ear.


, 芒种养生要怎么做,


health preservation of grain in ear. The health preservation of grain in ear should focus on maintaining a relaxed and pleasant state according to the climatic characteristics of the season, and taking care of yourself in daily diet at the same time. In terms of daily life, due to the long days and short nights in summer, most people will go to bed late and get up early, so they should take a nap at noon to relieve fatigue. In addition, we should also properly accept the sunlight to comply with the filling of Yang Qi, which is conducive to the operation of Qi and blood and inspire our spirit. After grain in ear, it is hot in the afternoon, people are easy to sweat, and their clothes should be washed and changed frequently. In order to avoid heatstroke, take a bath after ear sprouting, which can make the skin loose and easy to vent Yang heat. In terms of diet and recuperation, all generations of health preserving experts believe that the diet in summer and March should be clear and tonic. According to Lu's spring and Autumn Annals, all kinds of food have no strong and thick taste, no strong taste and heavy wine. Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty advocated that people should "always light light, sweet and light things, large and small wheat koji and japonica rice are better." in addition, the diet should not be too salty and sweet. Climatic characteristics of


grain in ear for most parts of China, as soon as grain in ear arrives, summer crops need to be harvested, summer sowing and autumn harvest crops need to be planted, and spring crops need to be managed. Harvest, planting and management intersect, which is the busiest season of the year. In the Yangtze River Basin, "planting seedlings and cutting wheat are busy at both ends", and in North China, "harvesting wheat and planting beans is not allowed at noon". It is really "ear seed, ear seed, everything is busy". At this time, it is rainy along the river and the Huang Huai plain is about to enter the rainy season. In case of continuous cloudy and rainy weather, wind and hail before and after grain in ear, the wheat can not be harvested, threshed and stored in time, resulting in wheat plant lodging, grain falling, sprouting and mildew on the ear and "rotten wheat field", so that the crops in hand are destroyed. The agricultural proverb "harvesting wheat is like putting out a fire, and Longkou seizes the grain" vividly illustrates the tense atmosphere of the wheat harvest season.


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