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What are the cases of ear seed folk activities

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has 24 solar terms in a year. These solar terms have their own characteristics and corresponding folk activities. As one of the 24 solar terms, grain in ear is no exception. Then this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to know what are the cases of ear seed folk activities.


what are the cases of ear seed folk activities?

boiling plum is in the south. May and June are the season for plum ripening every year. There are allusions to "green plum boiling wine on heroes" in the Three Kingdoms. Green plum contains a variety of natural high-quality organic acids and rich minerals. It has unique nutritional and health care functions such as purifying blood, rectifying intestines, reducing blood lipid, eliminating fatigue, beauty, adjusting acid-base balance and enhancing human immunity. However, most fresh plums are sour and difficult to import directly. They can be eaten only after processing. This processing process is boiling plums.

anmiao anmiao is a farming custom activity in southern Anhui, which began in the early Ming Dynasty. Every grain in ear season, after planting rice, in order to pray for a good harvest in autumn, Miao worship activities should be held everywhere. Every household uses new wheat flour evaporation bags to pinch the flour into the shape of grain, six livestock, melons, fruits and vegetables, and then dye the color with vegetable juice as sacrificial offerings to pray for grain harvest and villagers' peace.


send the flower god and welcome the flower god at the flower Dynasty Festival on February 2 of the lunar calendar. It is nearly may when the grain in ear, and the flowers begin to wither and fall. People often hold rituals to sacrifice the flower god on the grain in ear day, and send the flower god back to his place. At the same time, they express their gratitude to the flower god and look forward to meeting again in the coming year. This custom no longer exists in traditional culture, but it is mentioned in a dream of Red Mansions by the famous novelist Cao Xueqin.


fight mud battles. Young men and women of Dong Nationality in Southeast Guizhou hold a mud battle Festival before and after grain in ear every year. On the same day, the newlyweds, accompanied by good young men and women, collectively transplanted rice seedlings, fought while transplanting rice seedlings, and threw mud at each other. After the activity, check the results. The most popular people are the ones with the most mud.


commonly hang wormwood. Wormwood can drive away mosquitoes. In hot may, bacteria breed badly, so it's time for wormwood to go out. People will cut the wormwood back from the field and put it at their door. Some people will dry the wormwood and light it. They will walk around the house for a week and the mosquitoes will be driven away.


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