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The spring equinox custom is to eat spring vegetables. These five kinds of spring vegetables are more delicious

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people always have the custom of eating spring vegetables at the spring equinox. Fresh seasonal vegetables can not only alleviate the daily big fish and meat, but also improve a lot of vitamins for the human body, which is very good for the human body. When the spring equinox comes, do you know which spring dishes are best to eat at the spring equinox? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

春分习俗吃春菜 这五种春菜更美味

eat Chinese toon buds. The tender Chinese toon buds at the spring equinox and the green and red Chinese toon buds are favored by people because of their taste. Therefore, it has the moral of eating Toona sinensis buds to add charm. Chinese toon is green with a little brown. It has a strong fragrance. It is fragrant in both cold and fried dishes. Toona sinensis is a famous product in season. It can be eaten in one pot and not forgotten in the third spring. It can strengthen the spleen, appetizer and increase appetite. Anti aging and nourishing food. Toona sinensis egg soup has the effect of strengthening the spleen and liver. It is suitable for health care before and after the spring equinox, especially for people with weak spleen and stomach.

春分习俗吃春菜 这五种春菜更美味

when eating bean sprouts at the spring equinox, the temperature warms up. In this season, the most important thing to pay attention to is to prevent getting angry. In spring seasonal vegetables, bean sprouts contain protein, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, which have the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, lowering blood pressure and beautifying skin. Spring is the frequent season of vitamin B2 deficiency. Eating more soybean sprouts in spring can effectively prevent and treat vitamin B2 deficiency. Eating soybean sprouts often has the effects of brain strengthening, anti fatigue and anti-cancer. During the germination of soybeans, the flatulent substances in soybeans are decomposed. Some nutrients are also more easily absorbed by the body.

春分习俗吃春菜 这五种春菜更美味

eat spinach. The tender green spinach is also one of the most beneficial dishes for human body in spring. It is a good product for detoxification, blood clearing, anti dryness and moisture. Spinach with nuts, spinach vermicelli and spinach egg soup are good choices.


eat spring bamboo shoots. Spring bamboo shoots contain sufficient water, rich plant protein, essential nutrients and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, especially cellulose. Eating them often can help digestion and prevent constipation. Therefore, spring bamboo shoots are a nutritious food with high protein, low fat, low starch and more crude cellulose. Spring bamboo shoots have the effects of "benefiting nine orifices, dredging blood vessels, resolving phlegm and salivation and relieving food swelling". Modern medicine has proved that eating bamboo shoots has the effects of Nourishing Yin, benefiting blood, resolving phlegm, relieving food, facilitating and brightening eyes.


eat ginger, scallion and garlic. Ginger, scallion and garlic are not only seasonings, but also have high medicinal value. They can enhance appetite, kill bacteria and prevent diseases. Spring onions and garlic are the most nutritious and the best time to eat in a year. Spring equinox health, eat more ginger, scallion and garlic, can prevent common respiratory tract infections in spring.

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