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What is the date of ear seed in 2020

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grain in ear is one of the twenty-four solar terms in China. Like many other solar terms, it has an extraordinary position in agriculture, and the specific time of grain in ear is different every year. Then this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to know what day is ear seed in 2020.


what is the date of ear planting in 2020? What is the date of ear planting in 2020? The time of ear planting in 2020 is 12:58 on June 5, 2020 - 05:43 on June 21, 2020. The climatic characteristics of


ear planting. For most parts of China, once the ear planting arrives, the summer ripe crops will be harvested, and the summer sown and autumn harvested crops will go to the ground, Crops planted in spring should be managed. Harvest, planting and management are crossed. It is the busiest season of the year. In the Yangtze River Basin, "planting seedlings and cutting wheat are busy at both ends", and in North China, "harvesting wheat and planting beans is not allowed at noon". It is really "ear seed, ear seed, everything is busy". At this time, it is rainy along the river and the Huang Huai plain is about to enter the rainy season. In case of continuous cloudy and rainy weather, wind and hail before and after grain in ear, the wheat can not be harvested, threshed and stored in time, resulting in wheat plant lodging, grain falling, sprouting and mildew on the ear and "rotten wheat field", so that the crops in hand are destroyed. The agricultural proverb "harvesting wheat is like putting out a fire, and Longkou seizes the grain" vividly illustrates the tense atmosphere of the wheat harvest season.


summary of grain in ear farming first, timely harvest summer crops such as wheat, broad beans and peas, so as to achieve high yield and grain storage. Second, apply corn fruit fertilizer again in the first and middle of the year, do a good job in blocking roots, preventing falling and controlling corn borer. Third, spraying medicine on medium rice seedling field and transplanting in the middle and late ten days; Direct seeding rice and seedling throwing rice control rice weevil, and early planting in the field to control Chilo suppressalis, leaf blast and other diseases and pests. Fourth, cotton is cultivated in the middle, the soil is loosened and weeded, the bud period management is done well, the pests such as stink bug, cotton aphid and red spider are controlled, and organic fertilizer is applied to strive for more peaches; Renovate the drainage system of cotton field to prevent rain and waterlogging. Fifth, we should rush to plant summer soybeans, peanuts and spring soybeans in the first and middle of the year, and apply flower and pod fertilizer. Spring potato topdressing, intercropping, weeding, soil cultivation and seedling supplement; Cutting summer potato. Apply Mint brake fertilizer. Sixth, planting cowpeas, amaranth, cabbage and other vegetables; Strengthen the field management of eggplant, melon and bean vegetables, control diseases and insect pests, harvest, market and seed retention. Seventh, strengthen epidemic prevention of poultry and livestock in summer, adult fish feeding and management, summer cutting and fertilization of mulberry fields, overhaul River and sea embankment projects and drainage and irrigation machines and tools, and pay attention to flood and drought prevention.


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