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Spring equinox health tips to make your body healthier

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in the concept of traditional Chinese medicine in China, people should adapt to the season for health care. The spring equinox is a more important of China's 24 solar terms. In this season, the temperature has risen, and people can go to spring outing. But it's best for you to keep in good health at this time. Now let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look at the common sense of health preservation at the spring equinox.

春分养生小常识 让你的身体更健康

pay more attention to the spring equinox clothing. The climate is changeable in spring. The old, young, sick and weak should increase or decrease their clothes at any time. They should not take off their winter clothes too early to avoid cold. The elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients should pay more attention.

春分养生小常识 让你的身体更健康

in the spring equinox movement, pay more attention to the spring equinox season, which is the best season for sunshine. The sun is not so dry, and it is warm on the body, which not only makes people feel comfortable, but also plays a good role in health care. Drying the back in spring can remove the cold of the spleen and stomach and help improve the digestive function. In addition, it can dredge the back meridians, which is of great benefit to the heart and lungs.

春分养生小常识 让你的身体更健康

pay more attention to the recovery of all things in spring. In addition, the climate in spring is humid and cold and temperature is uncertain. At this time, it is not suitable to eat more "hair" to avoid disease. The so-called "hair" in traditional Chinese medicine refers to food that is easy to get angry and produce phlegm. To nourish the liver in spring, you should eat more spicy and warm food, such as Douchi, onion, ginger, leek, shrimp and other foods with positive Qi to flavor; But also less sour and more sweet, eat more sweet and moist foods with slightly sweet taste, such as jujube, lily, pear, longan, tremella, radish, etc. Eat less spicy hot pot, mutton, dog meat and too spicy and fried foods, because these foods may consume Yang Qi and lead to fire.

pay more attention to daily life at the spring equinox (1) ensure that the indoor air is fresh and clean and reduce respiratory diseases. (2) disinfect and kill the virus frequently, keep indoor and outdoor hygiene, clean the dirt in corners and dark dead corners, and disinfect and kill the virus frequently to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. (3) the exercise should not be too intense. It will not be long after it is relieved from the cold in winter. It is necessary to go out for exercise step by step, not too intense, so as to avoid physical discomfort.


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