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What are the customs and activities of the spring equinox

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for many people, free from the thick clothes in the cold winter, they inevitably want to go out for a walk. The spring equinox is such a day for going out. Many people go out for an outing before and after the Spring Festival. Besides these, do you know other activities of the spring equinox? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


vernal equinox customs and activities

vernal equinox sweeping. In some parts of China, there is the custom of sweeping tombs and offering sacrifices to ancestors, which is also called Spring Festival sacrifice. Before sweeping the tomb, a grand ancestral ceremony should be held in the ancestral hall. Pigs and sheep should be slaughtered, drummers should be invited to play, and the ritual students should read sacrificial texts and lead three gifts.


kite flying is a reserved program for outing. Kites, called "kites" in ancient times and "kites" in the north, have a history of more than 2000 years. "Kite" and "Kite" are Eagle raptors. In ancient times, kites were mostly made into the shape of eagles with silk or paper. Therefore, kites are also called "paper kite" and "paper kite". Later, the shapes of kites were different. Most of them were swallow kites in spring.


, 春分的风俗活动有哪些,


hold the flower festival. According to the ancient customs, the birthday of the folk Flower God is very close to the spring equinox. Therefore, in order to commemorate the flower god, the folk will hold the "Flower Festival", commonly known as the flower festival. When the flowers are in full bloom, it's interesting to choose the whole family to travel and enjoy the flowers.


eat spring vegetables and drink spring soup. Since ancient times, "spring equinox" has the custom of eating spring vegetables. "Spring vegetables" refers to a wild amaranth, also known as "purslane". On the spring equinox, people go to the fields to pick spring vegetables and go home "boiling soup", which is called "spring soup". As the saying goes, "spring soup fills the dirty and washes the liver and intestines. The whole family, old and young, is safe and healthy." this custom reflects people's most simple wishes.


the calendar and astronomical significance of the spring equinox. The important astronomical significance of the spring equinox is mainly reflected in the equinox of day and night on the same day. The ancients would proofread the weighing and weighing instruments on this day to get the meaning of fairness. In Chinese folk, it means that people's outdoor activities increase as they officially enter spring. Sometimes, the Spring Branch coincides with other festivals. For example, it happened to meet "February 2" in previous years. In the view of experts, this is mainly due to the calendar, which is more likely to happen in leap years. In addition, in some countries in central and West Asia, the spring equinox is the beginning of the new year, and there will be some important customs.


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