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What is Xiaoman's folk custom and what are the related proverbs

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as we all know, there are twenty-four solar terms in a year. Each solar term has its corresponding folk activities, and Xiaoman is also one of the twenty-four solar terms, which is no exception. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know what Xiaoman's folk customs are and what related proverbs are.


the custom of small full solar terms

offering sacrifices to the God of vehicles is an ancient custom of small full solar terms in some rural areas. In related legends, the two chariots God is a white dragon. In the Xiaoman season, people put fish, incense and other items on the waterwheel to worship. The most interesting thing is that there will be a cup of white water in the sacrifice. When worshipping, the white water will be poured into the field, which means blessing the prosperity of water and inkstone.


offer sacrifices to silkworm. It is said that Xiaoman is the birthday of silkworm God. Therefore, there is a silkworm praying Festival during Xiaoman solar term in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. China's farming culture is typical of "men farming and women weaving". The raw materials of women's weaving are mainly cotton in the north and silkworm in the south. Silk is obtained by cocooning and silk drawing, so sericulture in rural areas of southern China is very prosperous, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Silkworm is a pampered "pet", which is difficult to feed. Air depression, humidity, cold, ripe, dry and wet mulberry leaves all affect the survival of silkworm. Because it is difficult to raise silkworms, silkworms were regarded as "natural things" in ancient times. In order to pray for the leniency of "natural things" and a good harvest of silkworm breeding, people hold the silkworm praying festival in April.


grabbing water and sacrificing the God of chariots. In the old days, water drainage and irrigation by waterwheel was a major rural event. As the saying goes, "small man moves three chariots", and the waterwheel usually starts when small man. Previously, farmers held a "water grabbing" ceremony in the village fair and walked around Haining, which meant a drill.


proverbs related to the small full solar terms. The wind blows the wheat down and turns his head up. The wind blows the wheat to the ground. If it is erected manually, the roots will be broken, the stems will be damaged, and the grains will become thin and pitiless. The wheat is like a carpet, and the production is greatly reduced. Wait for three or five days, and you can see an improvement. When the harvest is near, the wheat pours on the ground. Seize the harvest and don't hesitate. When the rye was pulled clean, the field will be clean next year. The wheat turns yellow, and the summer solstice is full of rice flowers. Wheat yellow planting rice (medium rice), rice yellow planting wheat. Wheat to Xiaoman, rice (early rice) to the beginning of autumn.


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