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What time is Xiaoman? What month is it

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in order to facilitate farming, ancient Chinese farmers used their wisdom to divide a year into 24 solar terms, so as to achieve the effect of harvest, and each solar term has its specific time. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know what time Xiaoman is, on what month and on what date.


when is Xiaoman? Xiaoman is the eighth of the twenty-four solar terms and the second solar term in summer. The date is between May 20 and 22 of the Gregorian calendar.


Xiaoman's traditional folk custom


move three carts. The three carts here refer to waterwheel, oil tanker and silk cart. At this time, the crops in the farmland need plenty of water, and the farmers are busy turning the water by treading on the waterwheel; The harvested rapeseed is also waiting for farmers to pound and make it into fragrant rapeseed oil; The farm work in the field can't be delayed, but the silkworm babies at home should also be taken care of carefully. Before and after Xiaoman, the silkworm will begin to cocoon, and the silkworm rearing people are busy shaking the silk cart to reel silk.

eat bitter vegetables. In the Xiaoman solar term, a must eat dish is bitter vegetable, commonly known as bitter vegetable. This is because Xiaoman is the prone period of wet skin diseases, so the diet should be mainly fresh and light vegetarian, and you can often eat food with the function of clearing away damp heat. Bitter vegetable is a timely vegetable with heat clearing, blood cooling and detoxification functions. It is astringent in bitter, sweet in astringent, fresh and refreshing, cool and tender, and rich in nutrition. Delicious and healthy.


offer sacrifices to silkworm. It is said that Xiaoman is the birthday of silkworm God. Therefore, there is a silkworm praying Festival during Xiaoman solar term in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. China's farming culture is typical of "men farming and women weaving". The raw materials of women's weaving are mainly cotton in the north and silkworm in the south. Silk is obtained by cocooning and silk drawing, so sericulture in rural areas of southern China is very prosperous, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Silkworm is a pampered "pet", which is difficult to feed. Air depression, humidity, cold, ripe, dry and wet mulberry leaves all affect the survival of silkworm. Because it is difficult to raise silkworms, silkworms were regarded as "natural things" in ancient times. In order to pray for the forgiveness of "natural things" and a good harvest of silkworm breeding, people hold the silkworm praying festival in April. Recommendation of


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