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Climatic characteristics of the solar term of light summer heat

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as we all know, the ancient workers divided the year into 24 solar terms in order to facilitate farming and achieve a good harvest every year, and Xiaoshu is also one of the 24 solar terms. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to understand the climatic characteristics of the solar term of light summer.


the climatic characteristics of the solar term of light summer heat. Before and after the light summer heat, most parts of southern China entered the season with the most thunderstorms. Thunderstorm is a severe weather phenomenon, often accompanied by strong wind, rainstorm and sometimes hail, which is easy to cause disasters. In the eastern part of South China, after the slight heat stroke, it is often controlled by the subtropical high pressure, with sunny and hot weather, and began to enter the summer drought period. The climate characteristics of drought in the East and waterlogging in the West in most parts of southern China. The


heatstroke began, and the southeast monsoon rainy season from the Pacific began in the vast area north of the Huaihe River and Qinling Mountains in the East. The precipitation increased significantly and concentrated; South China, Southwest China and Qinghai Tibet Plateau are also in the southwest monsoon rain season from the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea; The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are generally high temperature and little rain under the control of subtropical high. In some years, the cold air force in the North was still strong before and after the slight summer heat. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, it was equal to the warm air in the south, with frontal thunderstorms. Thunderstorms in the summer are often the weather information of "falling yellow plum", and the omen rain belt will remain in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River for a period of time.

at this time, the plum rain in the Jianghuai river basin is coming to an end, the midsummer begins, the temperature rises and enters the summer drought period; In the rainy season in North China and Northeast China, tropical cyclones are frequent, and the number of tropical cyclones landing in China begins to increase. After a little summer heat, the South should pay attention to drought resistance and the North should pay attention to waterlogging prevention. Crops across the country have entered a stage of vigorous growth, and field management needs to be strengthened. The sign of Xiaoshu: out of plum blossom and into autumn.


agricultural proverbs related to the solar term of light summer. On the first day of June, one thunder weighs nine Taiwan, and no thunder is Taiwan. In the heat of summer, rice is lazy to cook. Prepare for rain and waterlogging in case of drought. Both drought and flood prevention, drought and flood harvest are reliable. After a sleep, the drought turned into waterlogging. A little heat and a big heat will kill the mice. June is like turning a cake. Prevent waterlogging every year and guard against theft every month. Flood control work should be carried out early, and the water will not be wasted.


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