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Ningde customs before and on New Year's Eve

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among many festivals in China, the Spring Festival is undoubtedly the most important festival, and different regions have their own customs, which have characteristics before and on New Year's Eve. Then this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know the customs before and on the night of Ningde New Year's Eve.


the custom of

cleaning before the new year's Eve in Ningde (called "dust cleaning" in the local dialect) generally, starting from December 16 of the lunar calendar, families carry out cleaning and cleaning one after another to clean the house. It is called "the year is clear and the moon is clean".


offer sacrifices to the stove. December 23 and 24 are the days of offering sacrifices to the stove. After dinner, each family brought their own rich Nian sugar (called "kitchen god sugar" in the local dialect) Nian fruit and Nian wine, which were respectfully arranged on the clean stove surface, lit incense, lit candles and saluted guns, and sincerely sent the "Kitchen God" to heaven. Kowtow to the kitchen god and ask him to "do good deeds from heaven and drive back to give Zhenxiang". After the sacrifice, the whole family sat around drinking Kitchen God wine and eating Kitchen God sugar. In particular, the children are the happiest. In addition to having a big meal, they can also get a share of new year candy and New Year cakes. Everyone is really happy.


the following year, from December 25, each gate building has "red lanterns hanging high". Large families "invite" their ancestors, and the rust image is hung in the hall. A series of sacrificial vessels such as incense burner and candlestick are placed in the middle. Four palace lanterns were hung on the front porch. "Tea table" and "credit chair" are arranged on both sides respectively, which looks serious and dignified. The patio is paved with "slab terrace". The hall lights up a long light, which is called the year of illumination. At the beginning of this day, housewives are busy making New Year cakes, meatballs, yellow time and all kinds of sugar New Year cakes.


the custom of Ningde on New Year's Eve. When the night of new year's Eve is approaching the earth, each family prepares a rich new year's Eve meal (locally known as "heavy year's moth"). A family of old and young sit around and enjoy the happiness of their family and have a good meal to send the old and welcome the new. Elders give their children red envelopes of "lucky money". After dinner, housewives should pay special attention to washing all tableware and cleaning again. We should prepare the children's new clothes, hats, trousers, shoes and socks for the new year. On New Year's Eve, the children had to keep vigil with their grandmother and mother; Tell stories, play games, sing children's songs, be honest and have endless fun. It is said that children's vigil is to pray for their elders and parents to live a long life. It is a manifestation of filial piety.


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