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What diseases should be prevented in rainy season

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we all know that changes in weather can easily lead to some diseases. In the rainy season, the weather is cold and hot, and the temperature change is very significant. Such a climate is easy to cause physical diseases, so the advance is particularly important. What diseases should you prevent in rainy season? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


the first way to prevent spring cold is to cover spring. The specific principle of spring cover is to pay attention to "thick at the bottom and thin at the top". The focus of cover is on the back, abdomen and sole of the foot. Keeping warm at the back can prevent the cold from damaging the "Yang pulse sea" - governor pulse and reduce the chance of catching a cold; Abdominal warmth is helpful to prevent indigestion and cold diarrhea.


prevent mumps, commonly known as "pig head wind", "fat cheek", etc. It is an infectious disease caused by mumps virus infection. It can be transmitted through contact and droplets. It can occur all year round. However, the alternate seasons of winter and spring are more prone to disease. Modern medicine summarizes and summarizes that the main symptoms of mumps are: swelling under the earlobe centered on the earlobe, accompanied by obvious pain or tenderness, difficulty opening mouth, fever, loss of appetite and so on. The general incubation period is 2-3 weeks, first swelling on one side, and then swelling on the other side, accompanied by pain and heat.


prevent spring diseases. After the rain solar terms, the climate is cold and warm. This changeable weather is not only easy to lead to the occurrence of exogenous diseases, but also easy to cause people's emotional fluctuations, resulting in restlessness, irritability, loss of sleep and dreams, and then affect their physical and mental health. Therefore, nourish the liver and Qi in spring, avoid anger and depression, communicate or eliminate unhappiness in time, and don't grievance or complain.

Beware of respiratory diseases. In rainy days, respiratory diseases are high, mainly caused by large indoor and outdoor temperature difference and heavy moisture. The most suitable health humidity for human body is 41-45%. In too humid environment, the resistance of respiratory system will be reduced. Don't always close the windows in this season. Pay attention to air circulation and try to avoid crowded places; Normal work and rest, adequate sleep can enhance immunity; Take proper physical exercise when the weather is fine.


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