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Tips on rain solar term farming

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

up to now, agricultural production activities are still the most basic guarantee for a country and region. The plan of a year is spring. Farmers' uncle is the busiest in spring. They have to carry out farming operations for a year according to the weather. Do you know how to cultivate better? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


cold and disease prevention the seedling raising of double cropping early rice in South China has begun. The rainy season and the weather change are uncertain. It is one of the seasons with the most cold wave process throughout the year. The weather is cold and hot, and the weather is warm and cold at first, which is very harmful to the growth of crops, forests, fruits and people's health. While paying attention to the cold and antifreeze prevention of crops, greenhouse vegetables and industrial and transportation departments, we should still pay attention to personal health care to prevent some epidemic diseases in early spring.


vegetable farming should do a good job in freezing and heat preservation of greenhouse vegetables, melons and fruits, do a good job in ventilation, and sow radish after rain solar term. Varieties with short term, strong cold resistance and strict vernalization requirements should be selected for sowing. In the rainy season, for the land that has not been turned over in autumn, especially those hard stubble land, we should take advantage of the opportunity of unfrozen, quickly drag the stubble land with a puller or press it with a roller, so as to ensure the sowing quality and drought resistance and moisture conservation.


southern farming is in the south. Although the weather is warm, it is also changeable in early spring. Tomato seedlings, eggplant seedlings and pepper seedlings must be managed before and after rain. The main management measures are as follows: 1. In cold weather, it is necessary to strengthen anti freezing and heat preservation, but also pay attention to ventilation to prevent suffocation of seedlings. 2. 2. Properly control fertilizer and water to prevent excessive growth of seedlings, but not too much, otherwise it will affect the growth of seedlings and produce thin, small and yellow seedlings. 3. The garbage mud, fence fertilizer and human feces used in the seedbed and nutrition bowl shall be fully decomposed, otherwise they will infect diseases or lead to insect pests or heat and burn the seedling roots. When fertilizing the seedbed, do not apply raw fertilizer or agricultural fertilizer. Pay special attention to the concentration when using chemical fertilizer.


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