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Agricultural arrangement and agricultural guidance in the beginning of spring

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to do anything, we need to have a plan, plan properly, do things in a leisurely and orderly manner. This is especially true for agricultural production and life. Proper arrangement in spring is conducive to the income of a year. Do you know how to arrange farming at the beginning of spring? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

立春农事安排 农业指导

impact of spring climate on agriculture from the perspective of Botany, temperature is an important factor affecting crop growth. The Spring Festival is the turning point when the earth returns to spring and the temperature rises. At this time, the westerly jet of the South Branch of East Asia has begun to weaken, and the climate in the middle of winter is coming to an end. However, the intensity and location of the westerly jet in the North Branch have basically not changed, and the Mongolian cold high and Aleutian low are still relatively strong. In the gap period affected by strong cold air, the frequency of southerly wind increases, accompanied by an obvious temperature rise process. Therefore, it has become a new starting point for the growth and development of crops after low metabolism in winter.

立春农事安排 农业指导

spring farming across the country is arranged in the northeast. In the spring solar term, it is necessary to rake the land, send manure and do a good job in livestock epidemic prevention. In the North China Plain, we should actively make preparations for spring ploughing and build water conservancy. In Northwest China, it is necessary to prepare and fertilize spring wheat, especially in the pastoral areas of Northwest China and Inner Mongolia. It is still necessary to strengthen the cold prevention and warmth preservation of livestock, prevent the occurrence of white disaster in pastoral areas, and ensure the safety of weak livestock and young livestock. Southwest China should pay close attention to the cultivation of early rice seedlings, and do a good job in the field management of seed selection, sun planting and summer harvest crops. We will continue to do a good job in antifreeze, cold and snow prevention. In case of snow, we should remove the snow in time and open ditches for drainage, so as to make big wheat, rape and green fertilizer thrive.

立春农事安排 农业指导

the seedlings of greenhouse melons and vegetables in spring are sown in an electric hotbed nutrient bowl before and after the beginning of spring. Excellent varieties with the characteristics of early maturity, high yield, small development, short internode, suitable for dense scaffolds, early emergence of female flowers and dense growth, easy fruit setting, low temperature and weak light resistance, moisture resistance and strong disease resistance are selected.


are the agricultural proverbs at the beginning of spring. They say: "when the spring is sunny, don't work hard on agricultural affairs", "when the winter is cold, it's cold in spring, and it's cold (calves)", "when the spring is hot and damp", "when the spring rains until the Qingming Festival, it's sunny when the sunset rains", "when the spring is six or nine heads, there will be a harvest of wheat and rice (it is said that the spring is the main harvest of wheat and rice before June 9); when the spring is five or nine tails, every family eats white rice (it is said that forty-five days after the winter solstice, spring is the main rice base) "," thunder and thunder drive snow in the first month, thunder and rain in February, thunder and rain in March are as hard as iron, and thunder seedlings are pulled out in April "," spring thunder is cloudy, and ice must be seen if it is sunny. ""


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