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Tips for preventing colds

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rain season, the rain gradually increases. The temperature difference of the climate varies greatly, sometimes very cold, sometimes very hot. In this hot and cold season, it is very easy to catch a cold, especially some people with poor physical resistance. Do you know how to prevent colds in rainy season? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


, 雨水节气防感冒的小窍门,


drink ginger soup to rub the nose. Spring is particularly prone to influenza, and the temperature is particularly low, so it is easy to catch cold. Therefore, preventing colds in Chinese medicine, drinking ginger soup every day, can play a role in dispelling cold, can often knead the nose, and cross the ten fingers. Put your thumb on the Yintang point between your eyebrows and push it down to the Yingxiang point on both sides of your nose. In this way, massage back and forth can play a good role in preventing colds.


knead Yingxiang acupoints   Massage Hegu acupoint and knead Yingxiang acupoint. You can press Yingxiang acupoint with your index finger, and then knead it clockwise and counterclockwise for about 36 times. In fact, you won't feel acid swelling. It can dispel wind and disperse cold. In this way, you can also enhance resistance. In addition, massage Hegu Point can also play a good preventive role.


wash your face with cold water. Cold water washing your face is very effective for cold prevention. The author has insisted on washing your face with cold water in recent years. As a result, the number of colds is greatly reduced compared with previous years. Because washing your face with cold water can enhance the adaptability of the human body to the cold, you can use cold water only in the morning and also in the evening after a period of time. Often use cold water to wash your face. Even in case of sudden changes in temperature, you can adapt well, so as to reduce the probability of cold and illness.


point knead the Zusanli point to knead the Zusanli point. It can play the role of dispersing the wind and dispersing cold. It has a good preventive effect on the spring epidemics. It can also massage the shoulder well point, which can play the role of dispersing wind and dispersing cold, and has a very good effect on catching cold.


rubbing hands. When rubbing hands together, the two hands should fit together, taking the heat of the rubbing hands as the degree. It can also be fixed with one hand and rubbed with the other hand; Then rub your hands up and down alternately. Generally, after rubbing for a minute or two, the whole palm will get hot, which can promote the blood circulation of the "big thenar" and dredge the pulse points.


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