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What do you eat when frost falls

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frost is one of the twenty-four solar terms, which means that winter is coming. During the frost period, people also have a specific frost diet, and the corresponding diets in different regions are different. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know what to eat when frost falls.


what to eat when frost falls

persimmons in some parts of China, red persimmons should be eaten during frost fall. In the view of local people, this can not only keep warm and warm, but also replenish muscles and bones. It is a very good frost food. The climate is changeable during the frost season. The old man in Quanzhou said that eating persimmons during the frost season is: eating Ding persimmons during the frost season will not runny nose. In some places, the explanation for this custom is: eat pancakes on the day of frost, otherwise your lips will crack all winter. Persimmons are generally fully mature before and after frost. At this time, persimmons have thin skin, delicious meat and high nutritional value, but we should pay attention to an appropriate amount.


ducks in Southern Fujian people eat supplements on the day of frost, that is, we often say "stick autumn fat" in the north. There is a proverb in Southern Fujian, which is called "it is better to make up for frost than to make up for everything in a year". This little proverb fully expresses the importance of Fujian and Taiwan people to the solar term of frost. In Fujian and Taiwan, they think that the food suitable for tonic in autumn is ducks. Therefore, ducks will sell very well in late autumn, especially in frost season, and even sell out. Many duck shops will also write the word frost coming on their advertisements to remind everyone to buy ducks.

beef in addition to the ducks and persimmons mentioned above, some places must eat some beef on this day. For example, in Yulin, Guangxi, residents here are used to eating fried beef noodles for breakfast, beef fried radish for lunch or dinner, or beef brisket pot to supplement energy and pray for warmth and strength in winter. In addition to beef, mutton and rabbit are also suitable for frost. Shandong Agricultural proverb is more interesting: in the summer, sorghum, Bailu Valley, frost falls to pull out turnips. Recommended by


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