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How is frost formed

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I believe we all know that frost is the 18th of the 24 solar terms, which means that winter is coming. Due to the lower temperature and frost on the plant surface, this solar term is called frost. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know how frost is formed.


how frost falls are formed? In the early morning of cold season, grass leaves and soil blocks are often covered with a layer of frost crystals. Frost is a kind of white ice crystal, which is mostly formed at night. In a few cases, it can also begin to form when the sun shines obliquely before sunset. Usually, the frost melts soon after sunrise. But when the weather is cold or in the shade, the frost can last all day.

Lu benzhong, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, wrote in nangezi: "the post invades the slanting moon, and the stream bridge spends the night frost." Lu you wrote in the frost moon that "the withered grass is frosty and white, and the cold window moon has a new shadow. It shows that the cold frost appears on a sunny moon night in autumn. Another point is that frost can only form on a sunny day. People say that" thick frost fierce the sun "is the truth."


" When there is a temperature difference between the surface temperature of the object and the nearby air temperature, the water vapor in the air is too saturated, and excess water vapor will be precipitated. When the surface temperature of the object is lower than 0 ℃, the precipitated water vapor will condense into ice crystals on the object, and frost will be formed. It should be noted that the occurrence of frost means that the local night weather is cold and sunny, and the ground radiation will drop The temperature is relatively strong. This usually occurs when the cold air mass is shrouded, so the weather is usually sunny in the days after the frost. There is a proverb in Chinese folk that "the frost sees the sunny day again", which says this truth.


There is little rain in summer and early frost in autumn. The frost period recedes when the summer rain is drenched. The frost comes late when the autumn rain is penetrating the ground. The autumn geese come early and the frost comes early. There is no dew on a windy night and no frost on a cloudy day. The frost and dew are heavy tonight and the sun is red tomorrow morning. On the day of severe frost poisoning, fog and dew is a good day. It is warm after frost and cold after snow. It is lonely frost all night , there will be famine in the coming year; there will be plenty of frost at night, and there will be a bumper harvest in the coming year. The frost will fall at the beginning (early frost) and the grain rain will stop (late frost) in the coming year. The related articles


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