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What are the folk activities of frost fall

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has 24 solar terms in a year, representing different steps of farming, and each solar term has its corresponding folk activities. Frost, as the 18th of the 24 solar terms, is no exception. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know what the folk activities of frost fall are.


, 霜降的民俗活动有哪些,


what are the folk activities of frost? There is an ancient saying that "frost beats chrysanthemums", so climbing mountains and appreciating chrysanthemums has become an elegant event of frost. It is recorded in the records of continued Qi harmony by Wu Jun of the Liang Dynasty in the Southern Dynasty. "When frost falls, only this grass is flourishing". Therefore, chrysanthemum was regarded as "grass waiting for time" by the ancients and became a symbol of vitality. The frost season is when autumn chrysanthemums are in full bloom. At this time, many places in China will hold chrysanthemum meetings to enjoy chrysanthemums and drink wine to show their respect and love for chrysanthemums. In the eyes of the ancients, chrysanthemum has unusual cultural significance and is considered as "longevity guest" and "Immortality grass". The miscellaneous five elements script says that planting "three roots of poplar and Cornus officinalis" next to the house can increase the age, prolong life and eliminate harm. "The cold of late autumn, which infringes on the body, was often regarded as the evil spirit of ghosts in ancient times. Cornus officinalis, which can drive away the wind, evil spirits and cold, was used by the people to drive away diseases and treat diseases.


to send taro ghosts in Gaoming area of Guangdong, there is a custom of "sending taro ghosts" before frost. In frost season, people will stack tiles into a Hanoi Tower, put dry firewood into the tower and ignite it. The more the fire is, the better. Until the tiles are red, push down the Hanoi Tower and heat the taro with red tiles, which is locally called "taro pot". Finally, throw the tiles outside the village, which is "taro ghost". In this way, people fight against evil and welcome good luck.


the custom of climbing and overlooking in frost season in ancient times. Climbing can significantly increase people's lung ventilation and vital capacity, enhance blood circulation and cerebral blood flow, so as to enhance physique, prevent and treat diseases. Moreover, climbing can also cultivate people's will and cultivate their sentiment, which can be described as an activity of killing more with one stone.

Tomb Sweeping and ancestor worship in ancient times, there was a custom of tomb sweeping and ancestor worship in frost season. According to the "Qing Tongli", it is said that "on the cold food and frost Festival at the age of, I visited and expanded Tsuen, and at the end of the period, I was dressed to reach the tomb, with the tools of wine writing and diamond cutting plants and trees; Zhou Fu closed the trees and cut off the thorns, so it was called tomb sweeping."


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