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What are the famous poems of rain

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the ancients often used poetry to chant what they saw and thought. After the rain season, the rain gradually increases. The spring rain is not as fierce as the rain beans in other seasons, but long and slender, which can arouse the sadness of writers. In ancient China, there were many poems describing the solar terms of rain. How much do you know? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


Fishing Song [Tang Zhangzhi and] egrets fly in front of Xisai mountain, peach blossom water and mandarin fish are fat. Green potato hat, green clothes, material wind and drizzle do not need to return. This rain poem describes the scenery of mountains and waters and the image of a happy fisherman in the spring flood season in the water town of Jiangnan. The spring river is green with misty rain, green mountains in the rain, fishing boats on the river, egrets in the sky, peach red on the bank, the river rises sharply, and mandarin fish are fat; Green Indocalamus hats and green coir raincoats make fishermen drunk and forget to return. These are the portrayals of the Jiangnan scene in the rainy season. In the words


, what attracts readers more is not the calm and comfortable fisherman, but the picture of the spring river rising and misty rain during the peach blossom flood in February in Jiangxiang. Green mountains in the rain, fishing boats on the river, egrets in the sky, hearts on both sides, bright but soft color, quiet but full of vitality.


in early spring, there are two songs outside the 18th member of the Ministry of water Zhang (the first one) [Tang Hanyu] the sky street is moist as crisp with light rain, but the grass color is not seen from a distance. The best thing is the spring of the year, which is better than the smoke and willows all over the imperial capital. This rain poem has exquisite depiction, beautiful sentences and novel ideas. It gives people a wet, comfortable and fresh beauty in the rain season in early spring. It not only chants early spring, but also captures the soul of early spring. It gives people infinite aesthetic interest, even beyond the reach of painting. The poem sets off the official road with the willow color of spring by the river. In spring when young, he fluttered butterflies and played with pistils, picked flowers with withered grass, and directly felt the wonderful opportunities of nature with his childlike innocence and childish eyes.


Jiang nanchun quatrains [Tang Du Mu] thousands of miles of warblers crow green reflecting the river, and the wind of wine flag in Shuicun mountain. There were 480 temples in the Southern Dynasty, and many buildings were in the misty rain. This poem describes the scene of thousands of miles south of the Yangtze River, with birds singing and dancing everywhere, peach blossoms and willows green, full of spring. The poet appreciates the natural beauty of spring in the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River with aesthetic eyes.

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