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How should the spleen and stomach be nursed

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in spring, we often see a large number of people in the spleen and stomach department in the hospital, which is due to the frequent occurrence of spleen and stomach diseases due to weather changes and diet. How should people regulate their spleen and stomach if they want to spend the rain solar term healthily? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


why should the rain solar term nourish the spleen and stomach? Rain is the second solar term in spring. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spring belongs to wood and corresponds to the liver. In spring, if the liver wood is too lax, the spleen and stomach will be Qi deficient. If the liver qi stagnation is too serious, the spleen and stomach will be qi stagnation. Both liver wood and spleen soil are also restrained. Therefore, we should not only pay attention to the characteristics of Yang Qi in spring, help Yang Qi, but also avoid hurting the spleen and stomach. Modern medical experiments have proved that regulating the spleen and stomach can effectively improve the immune function of the body, prevent aging and resist aging. The method of regulating the spleen and stomach can selectively carry out diet regulation, drug regulation and adjustment of daily work and leisure according to their own conditions. In spirit, we should also pay attention to clearing the heart and few desires and not work recklessly, so as to maintain vitality.


avoid greasy pickled food. If you want to nourish your spleen and stomach, don't eat some particularly greasy food or spicy food, because these foods do great harm to your body, especially for some elderly people who like to eat pickled food, We must correct this bad habit. Many old people may have some weak spleen and stomach, so if you want to take care of your spleen and stomach, you must eat more nutritious things. Don't eat some pickled food again, because the pickled food is very salty.


methods of regulating and tonifying the spleen and stomach: eat more jujubes, yams, lotus seeds, leeks, spinach, etc. And can choose radix ginseng, American ginseng, Juemingzi, white chrysanthemum, Shouwu powder and Buzhong Yiqi Decoction. Avoid food: avoid mutton, dog meat and bird meat in the first month. Do not eat scallion and garlic raw. Peanuts should be boiled rather than fried. At this time, it is most suitable for regulating the spleen and stomach. It is best to drink "rain health soup". Specific methods: take 15g tremella, 15g walnut kernel, an appropriate amount of millet and 30g medlar to cook porridge, and take 200ml at 10 a.m. every day. It is very important to nourish and strengthen the spleen in spring. To nourish the spleen, we should also meditate, focusing on the adjustment of spirit. Peace of mind, so that liver Qi is not rebellious; Meditate and Nourish Qi, replenish qi, nourish spleen, nourish spleen and strengthen stomach. The weather is changeable in this season. We must keep a peaceful mood. Only when our emotions are appropriate and diet is taken care of, the effect of strengthening the spleen will be significant.


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