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What kind of tea is better to drink in cold dew season

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China has a history of drinking tea for thousands of years, and tea culture has a long history. Drinking tea can refresh the spleen, preserve health and quench thirst. Cold dew is the 17th solar term. On this day, the weather turns cold. If you can drink a cup of hot tea, it must be very warm. Do you know what kind of tea to drink in cold dew season? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


when it comes to keeping warm, the first choice must be black tea. The most prominent thing about drinking black tea in autumn and winter is its effectiveness. Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which promotes blood circulation and warms up and keeps fit. The caffeine contained in black tea can excite the nerve center, eliminate fatigue and stimulate spirit. Suitable for people who are easily tired in autumn. And has the effect of warming the stomach.


autumn tea Tieguanyin has a saying: flower tea in spring, green tea in summer, green tea in autumn and black tea in winter. Autumn often makes the population dry because of the dry weather. Green tea is peaceful, not cold or hot. It is suitable for autumn climate. Regular drinking can moisturize the skin, benefit the lungs, generate saliva, moisten the throat, effectively remove the waste heat in the body and restore body fluid, which is very good for health preservation in autumn. Tieguanyin is not only the representative tea of autumn tea, but also the representative tea of green tea (oolong tea). Tieguanyin is known as "spring water and autumn fragrance". Tieguanyin of spring tea pays attention to the taste of tea soup, while Tieguanyin of autumn tea pays attention to the aroma of Tieguanyin. In terms of tea quality, Tieguanyin of autumn tea is the best in a year.


Pu'er tea Pu'er tea is divided into raw Pu'er tea and cooked Pu'er tea. The special production process of cooked Pu'er tea is mild, mellow and smooth. It is suitable for drinking in cool cold dew season. As the weather turns cool, the physiological function of the human body gradually decreases, resulting in the phenomenon of cold body and cold hands and feet. Drinking Pu'er tea can warm and nourish the body and mind, keep warm and prevent colds and other diseases. Here, cooked Pu should drink while it is hot. It tastes smoother and sweeter. And after the transformation of the old tea, more than three years is better, and more than ten years is better. It is more suitable for slightly cool autumn and winter.


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