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What kind of tea does rain drink for health preservation and dampness removal

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When the

rain solar term comes, the rain increases and the moisture increases gradually. Rain solar terms have a great impact on plant growth and people's health. Making a pot of tea in a cold and humid environment may be happier than immortals. Do you know what kind of tea rain can drink to keep in good health and remove dampness? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


when drinking tea in rainy season, attention should be paid to avoid tea products with strong bias, such as cold green tea, newly made white tea, Pu'er platform raw tea, high temperature and dry black tea, newly made Pu'er cooked tea, high baking oolong tea, etc. Pu'er raw tea and cooked tea with a certain aging period and high-quality black tea dried at low temperature are the best tea products suitable for drinking at this time.


green tea has the best moisture removal effect. The most natural green tea has the best moisture removal effect. Because green tea is not fermented, it is not oxidized, and retains the original taste of fresh leaves to the greatest extent. Almost all the components such as caffeine and tea polyphenols in tea are retained. Therefore, people with heavy moisture may as well drink more green tea, such as Biluochun in Dongting, Longjing in West Lake and Maofeng in Huangshan. Green tea is cold, so it is not suitable to drink more and long. Once your constitution improves, you should choose to drink other teas. It's best to make about 3G tea an hour after dinner, while enjoying the leisure time after dinner and spreading the fragrance of tea around.


flower tea alleviates spring hardship. Most parts of China have a monsoon climate, with warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter. In spring, everything is full of vitality, but people generally feel sleepy and weak, which is manifested as spring sleepiness. People drinking flower tea can alleviate the adverse effects of spring sleepiness. Scented tea is sweet, cool and fragrant, which is conducive to the distribution of winter cold evil accumulated in the human body, promote the growth of Yang in the body, make people refreshing, and eliminate the "spring sleepiness".

Honey Black Tea warms the stomach and strengthens the spleen. Black tea is sweet and warm. It can raise human Yang, generate heat, warm the abdomen and strengthen the body. In this rainy season, the phenomenon of "falling cold in spring" occurs from time to time. It is wet and cold. A cup of warm black tea can make your whole body warm. Seasoning the right amount of honey in black tea is not only a better flavor, but also a warm stomach, liver and spleen.


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