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Matters needing attention during the spring equinox

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food color, sex also. Roommates are the normal needs of men and women with normal sexual orientation. But from a medical point of view, there are many taboos about sex, too frequent and too little are bad. Do you know the precautions for the spring equinox? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


according to the traditional culture of our ancestors, it is bad to have a room at the spring equinox, which will greatly hurt our vitality. For us modern people, rooming is a very casual thing. There is no taboo that we can't have a roommate on days. If you want to be healthy, live longer, or have a healthy baby, you should avoid sex on some days, otherwise you may get into trouble. According to the traditional culture of our ancestors, we can't have the same house on spring, summer, autumn, winter, great cold, big department, spring equinox, autumn equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice, because it will hurt our vitality.


spring exercise must be moderate, not too intense to sweat, because excessive sweating will lead to a large loss of body fluid and damage the healthy qi of the human body. Some soothing exercises can be carried out, such as walking, outing, flying kites, playing Taijiquan, etc., which can stretch muscles and bones, unblock blood vessels, enhance body immunity, and make people refreshed and relaxed. As mentioned earlier, it is not suitable to exercise too vigorously in spring. What about before and after the spring equinox? Can we have a more intense exercise with high playability between husband and wife? The answer is "no"



" Modern scientific research has confirmed that when the husband and wife are not tired and in a happy mood, they have a carefree pregnancy in the same room. This state of good body and mind will make the endocrine system secrete a large number of healthy enzymes, hormones and choline acetate, so that the physical and intellectual abilities of the husband and wife are in the best state. At this time, the sexual function is the most harmonious and it is very easy to enter the orgasm, Form excellent fertilized eggs. On the contrary, the physical fatigue or poor mood of both husband and wife or one party will affect the vitality of sperm or eggs, which is not conducive to the formation of excellent fertilized eggs, and affect the implantation and growth of fertilized eggs, resulting in fetal wilting, abortion or the development of fetal brain nerves.

And the temperature difference in the spring equinox season is bigger, the bacteria are active, and it is easy to circulate with the air. The spring break season is the period when the influenza is more frequent. At this time, sexual activity is not conducive to good health. Moreover, the body is tired and weak in the spring equinox season, and it is easy to affect people's interest and activity. Therefore, the five day before and after the solar term is best not to be in the same room.

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