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What are the relevant agricultural proverbs about the seasonal characteristics of severe cold

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has a total of 24 solar terms in a year, and the cold is the last solar term in a year. In addition to its agricultural significance, it also symbolizes the coming of a new year. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know the seasonal characteristics of the cold and what are the relevant agricultural proverbs.

大寒的季节特征 有什么相关农谚

the seasonal characteristics of the severe cold are severe cold solar terms, the atmospheric circulation is relatively stable, and the circulation adjustment cycle is about 20 days. During such circulation adjustment, there are often large-scale rain and snow weather and strong wind cooling. When there is a long wave ridge west of 80 degrees east longitude and a large coastal trough in East Asia, China will experience sustained low temperature under the control of northwest wind flow and the influence of continuously replenishing cold air. Like the minor cold, the severe cold is also a solar term indicating the cold degree of the weather. Modern meteorological observation records show that in some areas of China, the severe cold is not as cold as the minor cold, but in some years and a few coastal areas, the annual minimum temperature will still appear in the severe cold solar term. Therefore, we should continue to do a good job in preventing cold in crops, and pay special attention to protecting livestock from winter.

大寒的季节特征 有什么相关农谚

for some crops, it is necessary to have appropriate low temperature in a certain growth period. Wheat and rape with strong winter require lower temperature through the vernalization stage, otherwise they cannot grow and develop normally. Most parts of southern China are warm in winter all year round. Wheat and rape sown prematurely often grow too vigorously, pull out knots and moss in advance, greatly weaken the cold resistance, and are vulnerable to low temperature frost. Mild cold and severe cold are the periods with the least rain in a year. In the annual cold solar term, the rainfall in most parts of southern China is only slightly higher than that in the early stage. The rainfall in most parts of southern China is 5-10mm, and that in the mountains of the Northwest Plateau is generally only 1-5mm. South China is dry in winter, and the water consumption during overwintering is small, and the contradiction between farmland water supply and demand is generally not prominent. Under the condition of scarce rain and snow, timely watering in different areas according to different farming habits and conditions is undoubtedly very good for the growth of wheat crops.

大寒的季节特征 有什么相关农谚

what are the cold agricultural proverbs? Celebrate the new year. Don't forget to protect the forest and see the orchard. Make a lot of noise around the Spring Festival. You can't forget the vegetables and melons in the greenhouse. Poultry house, pigsty and barn, strengthen nursing and don't relax. Don't forget to patrol the fish pond before and after the Spring Festival. The cold new year, sum up experience. Discuss more before and after the festival, and put your ideas on the steps. Save the new year and don't spend money like crazy. It's better to have a good year than to have a hard spring.


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