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What should be planted in Qingming farming arrangement

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for Tomb Sweeping Day, many people will think of Du Mu's poems and ancestor worship during Tomb Sweeping Day, but Tomb Sweeping Day is also a noteworthy day for most farmers. When this day comes, there will be more precipitation, and farmers will have to arrange their own crops according to the weather. Do you know how to serve all kinds of crops during the Qingming Festival? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

清明农事安排 该种什么

as soon as the Tomb Sweeping Day comes, the temperature rises. At this time, except for the northeast and northwest regions, the temperature in most parts of China has risen to 12 ` C. The North and south of the river and inside and outside the great wall are a good season for spring farming and spring planting. Therefore, there are agricultural proverbs such as "before and after Qingming, point melons and seed beans", "afforestation is better than Qingming". In the north of this season, cold air still invades from time to time. In field management, we should pay attention to prevent late frost, otherwise it will cause serious consequences of rotten seedlings of middle rice and dead seedlings of early rice.

清明农事安排 该种什么

during the Qingming Festival, the rainfall increases, especially in the south of the Yangtze River. Although abundant rainfall can meet the needs of the growth and development of various crops, excessive rainfall will induce wet damage and damage crops, so prevention should also be strengthened. Northern winter wheat jointing, winter wheat control powdery mildew, rust, aphids, red spiders; After the Qingming Festival, the orchard began to use medicine for the first time to prevent rot. Southern rape flowers, medium rice sowing and seedling raising. Pay close attention to the planting of spring sown vegetables to avoid weak seedlings and high foot seedlings; Watermelon direct seeding and colonization; Muskmelon, melon and so on. The Jianghuai region began to sow single cropping rice and cotton and corn. Broad bean topping, sweet potato transplanting, melon and vegetable transplanting.

清明农事安排 该种什么

Qingming solar term agricultural activities all over the country, rice film seedling raising and sweet potato seedling raising in Northeast China. Rice, corn, sorghum, cotton and soybean are sown in North China. When winter wheat starts jointing, it must be irrigated in time. And apply jointing fertilizer. Irrigation, topdressing, intercropping and weeding in winter wheat fields in Northwest China. Ploughing and weeding in spring wheat Xinjiang. Sow cotton and spring potatoes. Rice, corn, sorghum and cotton are sown in Southwest China. Rice, corn, cotton and sorghum are sown in Central China. Plant sweet potatoes. Rape foliar Topdressing and insect control. Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in tea garden and stripe rust in wheat field. Early rice transplanting and early soybean topdressing in South China. Control corn borer. Deal with the perennial roots of sugarcane. Spring wheat will continue to be sown in the Qinghai Tibet region.

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