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Qingming's agricultural proverbs and customs are catchy

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Qingming Festival is one of the twenty-four solar terms in China. In China, Qingming Festival is not only a solar term, but also the Qingming Festival as a sacrifice to ancestors. In ancient China, because there were no good water conservancy facilities and farmers depended on heaven for food, there were many agricultural proverbs and customs during the Qingming Festival. Do you know them? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

清明的农谚农俗 朗朗上口

the origin of Qingming agricultural proverbs and customs because Qingming is closely related to agricultural production, there are many agricultural proverbs or customs about Qingming phenology and farming. Agricultural proverbs are the production experience summarized by workers in long observation and practice. Therefore, agricultural proverbs have strong guiding and instrumental significance for farming. Qingming is the beginning of farming. The temperature and humidity of Qingming solar term have a great impact on the future agricultural links. Farmers should start from this solar term and make scientific and orderly arrangements for the production activities of the whole year. Generally speaking, the focus of agricultural proverbs on the weather is whether there is rain or not, because sunny rain, drought and flood are the decisive factors in agricultural links. Therefore, the agricultural proverbs related to Qingming are generally related to agricultural practice, weather forecast, pre occupation age and so on.


are clear agricultural proverbs and customs. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there was a bright and dark valley rain. Eat more noodles without rain during the Qingming Festival. Qingming northwest wind, drought will not be light. February Qingming is green, and March Qingming grass does not grow. In March, Qingming seedlings are like grass, and in February, Qingming seedlings are like treasure. Mai Xiuqi in March and February. Wheat is not afraid of water in four seasons, but of rain at Qingming night. Wheat startles the clear rain, rice startles the White Dew wind. You don't have to ask your parents. You can plant seedlings before the Qingming Festival. Early in the morning, late in the summer, it is time for Gu Yu to plant cotton. Qingming rain, planting trees and afforestation. Qingming flower, cart pull; Gu Yuhua, grab a lot; Little full of flowers, don't go home. Before and after the Qingming Festival, plant melons and beans. Melons are planted during the Qingming Festival and loaded by boat. When cotton seeds are sown in the rain, grasp the hoe and quickly uncover the cover. Qingming sorghum Valley rain Valley, summer sesame millet. Early sowing of sorghum, hard straw and early sowing of millet are prone to disease.


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