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What should Qingming diet regimen eat

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our country is very particular about what to eat. Traditional Chinese medicine says that eating some foods at certain times will cause some diseases, and eating some foods together will cause accidents. Qingming solar term is not only a good time for outing, but also a good opportunity to eat goods. But do you know how to eat Qingming to keep healthy? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

清明食疗养生 该吃什么

should not eat hair. In the Qingming solar term, it is not suitable to eat "hair" foods, such as bamboo shoots, chicken, etc. Spring is the season when winter bamboo shoots and spring bamboo shoots are listed one after another. Bamboo shoots taste delicious and many people like to eat. But it is cold, slippery and gas consuming. According to the new Materia Medica, "if an empty person eats bamboo shoots, it often causes diseases." if a person has chronic diseases, his Qi is more empty, and eating bamboo shoots consumes his Qi more. It benefits from deficiency due to deficiency, which is easy to cause cough and lead to the recurrence of hemoptysis and asthma. Chickens can move wind to help liver fire. In spring, when liver resistance rises, eating chickens is easy to move wind to help liver fire, causing hyperactivity of liver wood, which often leads to the recurrence of chronic hepatitis, hypertension and other diseases. Unsuitable diet is hot food: hot food such as mutton, dog meat and ginseng is easy to get angry and help generate evil heat. It is not suitable to eat more in spring. Fish, shrimp and seafood: it is easy to aggravate allergic symptoms and cause chronic diseases. It is not suitable to eat more.

清明食疗养生 该吃什么

Qingming suitable diet: eat more liver nourishing food. About eating cold food: because the cold food festival is combined with the Qingming Festival, some places still retain the habit of eating cold food on the Qingming Festival, and some areas have the custom of eating qingtuan on the Qingming Festival. At this time, eating cold food properly is also beneficial to clearing lung heat and cooling liver blood. Qingming should eat more liver nourishing food: spinach, shepherd's purse, mustard, celery, mung beans, chrysanthemum, medlar and other food can clear the liver and brighten the eyes, jujube, medlar and carrot can nourish liver blood, shepherd's purse and black fungus can cool the liver and stop bleeding. At this time, you should eat more.

清明食疗养生 该吃什么

Qingming suitable diet: tonic Qianming tea Qingming suitable drink Qingming tea: the new Qianming tea is drunk together with liver nourishing foods such as medlar, jujube, chrysanthemum and rose. It is the best health care product in spring. Qingming Festival should also take some timely tonics, such as tremella, Gan Ping, non-toxic, which can moisten the lungs, generate fluid, benefit Yin and soften the liver. When spring rises, taking Tremella often can get the effect of softening the liver and nourishing the lung.


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