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Health preservation custom of stir fried scorpion beans

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is the third of the 24 solar terms. Sting means hiding. Spring thunder wakes up the creatures sleeping underground in winter. Therefore, after waking up, many germs and insects will wake up. So how to keep healthy on the day of waking insects? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

惊蛰炒蝎豆 养生习俗

during the season of insects and insects, the temperature rises, which just gives the best breeding environment for the virus, which is why influenza is easy to break out at this time. The fight against influenza has relied on wormwood since ancient times. In ancient times, on the day of stinging, people would hold wormwood, smoke the four corners of the house, and use wormwood to drive away insects, rats and musty smell. This method is also used in many places to drive away bad luck. There are many different insect eradication rituals in various parts of the people. Brooms are used to sweep insects in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Tujia people in Hubei have "insect shooting day", and Hakka people eat "fried insects". "Frying insects" is not frying real insects, but boiling taro seeds with fur in hot water, or frying beans and rice grains to achieve the purpose of insect repellent.

惊蛰炒蝎豆 养生习俗

fried scorpion beans. It is said that fried scorpion beans are for the success of fried beans. On February 2, the popular custom in every family is to fry scorpion beans. Weixian County, Laizhou and other places are called "reporting success", and the homonym is popular. It is said that after eating fried scorpion beans, they will not be eaten by scorpion crabs for a year. Also known as "fried scorpion belly", Dancheng and other places are called "fried scorpion claws". The children sing while eating: "After eating scorpion claws, scorpions don't need to fight. Scorpion beans are usually large and full soybeans, soaked in salt water, and added with anise, Yinxiang, pepper and other spices. After 24 hours, filter the water to dry, put it in a pot and fry cooked food. This bean is crisp and delicious. Frying scorpion beans means frying scorpion poisonous insects to kill them."


"" 惊蛰炒蝎豆 养生习俗 ""


" The northern folk custom of eating insects is similar to the Hakka custom of "frying insects". In Shaanxi, Gansu, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces, there is the custom of "frying miscellaneous insects and exploding longan". On February 2, people stir fry soybeans and sesame in a pot and chew them loudly, which is called "exploding longan" for good weather. Men, women, old and young scramble to eat fried soybeans "Eating insects" means that people and animals are free from diseases and disasters, and crops do not produce pests.


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