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How to remove insects by waking insects

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entered the spring, and everything began to recover. Of course, in addition to the re growth of crops, some pests also woke up. At the beginning of March, there is a solar term called waking insects. People often get rid of pests when this day comes. Do you know why? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

惊蛰除虫 怎么去除虫害

the origin of hibernation. Wu Cheng of the Yuan Dynasty wrote in the collection of the 72 seasons of the month: "on February day, everything is shocked by an earthquake, and the earthquake is thunder, so it is called hibernation. It is the hibernation of insects. Frogs, snakes, earthworms and many other animals go into hibernation in winter, which is" hibernation ". Now that the weather is warmer, they will gradually end their hibernation and start to come out for activities. It seems that they were awakened from their sleep by spring thunder. Therefore, this festival is called "waking up". However, in fact, it is the return of spring and the warming of the weather that make the animals end their hibernation.

惊蛰除虫 怎么去除虫害

reasons for waking and removing insects before and after the sting, all kinds of dormant insects, including poisonous insects, began to wake up and run away, with increasingly frequent activities and traces everywhere. Living at home, farmers gnash their teeth at the ubiquitous pests. In order to avoid the harm of poisonous insects to their families, each family has to hold some insect killing and expelling activities, which has become a custom over time. There is a folk proverb: "when you awaken a sting, you plough the earth, and the spring equinox is like a sieve." "when you awaken a sting and clear the field, tens of millions of insects die." "killing a bug in spring is better than killing a thousand in summer". At this time, the insects have just started to sting, and their various functions have not been fully recovered. It can be said that it is the right time to surround and annihilate them when they are weak. This is also in line with the rural proverb "there is no coincidence in killing insects, as long as you start early". When insects just sting, they should be eliminated by sprinkling lime and inserting aromatherapy.


, 惊蛰除虫 怎么去除虫害,


sweep insects to wake up pests. In Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, the sting is "sweep insects Festival". On this day, farmers have to hold a sweeping ceremony in the field with a broom. It is a ceremony, which means "sweeping away" all pests. In Xingjiang, Jiangsu Province, the red candle left by Yuanzheng time to heaven and earth should be lit that night. It is said that in this way, there will be fewer mosquitoes in summer. In the old days, people in Northern Jiangsu and southern Shandong lit a stove in the yard and baked pancakes or steamed buns in the open air. It is said that this can use smoke to drive away insects. In Jialing, Hunan Province and Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, people are used to setting off firecrackers in the house. Zhu said, "startle the insects and make them straight", which is called "startle the insects" and "startle the insects".


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