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Key points of health preservation of blood stasis constitution in Jingzhe solar term

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in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is divided into four kinds of constitution. The health preservation methods corresponding to each constitution are also different. Spring, when everything recovers, is also a good time to recuperate your body. Do you know how to maintain your health? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


blood stasis constitution sting food tips: it is great wisdom to follow the trend, and the liver is vibrant in spring. Take this opportunity to help the liver's Qi smooth. Eating more food that soothes the liver, regulates Qi and replenishes blood will be more effective than other times. Rape moss, collapse vegetables, wine brewing, sesame, tofu, yam, agaric, spinach, lentils, pumpkin, spring bamboo shoots, leeks, ginger, various fungi, etc. Red jujube, longan, glutinous rice, sweet and warm, replenish qi and blood. Eating often can improve your complexion. Eat less chili fried food. Try not to touch alcohol and tobacco. Eat less of all kinds of sour and sweet biochemical drinks and raw and cold foods.


tips on stung exercise with blood stasis Constitution: the relieving function of the liver is consistent with the soft and smooth characteristics of all things in spring. The liver governs tendons, including tendons, ligaments and fascia. Stretching for 10 ~ 20 minutes every day is beneficial to the relaxation of tendons and veins, promote the operation of Qi and blood, and ease the discharge of liver and gallbladder. The knee is the house of tendons, and the liver is the main tendon, so walking on your knees can greatly replenish the liver, especially suitable for spring practice. Kneel on a hard bed, straighten your upper body, and move your knees rhythmically for 15-20 minutes. If the bed is too soft, you can also put the cushion on the ground and move in the form of standing still.


tea drinking tips for blood stasis Constitution: you can drink medlar red jujube tea. Put 10 medlar and 5 red dates into a large water cup, brew with boiling water, cover with a lid for 10 minutes, and then drink. Medlar nourishes Yin and kidney, jujube replenishes Qi and blood. Making tea with both can replenish qi and blood, nourish kidney and Yin, beautify and nourish face, and delay aging.


blood stasis constitution emotional sleep tips: in the sting of "vertical and horizontal relaxation of plants and trees", liver Qi should also conform to nature, stretch and grow hair, can not be restrained, and don't move liver fire rashly. Take a bath before going to bed to keep a good sleep, stay away from people and things that may make it unhappy, clean and nourish the spirit and liver. "Those who are quiet and full on the day are strong, while those who are impatient and consume on the day are old."


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