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How to do the key points of health preservation of phlegm dampness constitution in Jingzhe solar term

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in recent years, with the continuous development of society and excessive diet, many people have some physical problems. Everyone feels that health preservation should be included in their own plans. In medicine, the highest level of treatment is to prevent disease, that is, to maintain it in advance. Do you know how to maintain the phlegm dampness constitution in the solar term of waking up stings? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

惊蛰节气痰湿体质养生要点 怎么做

the characteristics of people with phlegm dampness constitution are obesity, muscle deterioration, appetite for fat and sweet food, and heavy spirit, which are the remarkable characteristics of people with phlegm dampness constitution.


diet tips for phlegm dampness Constitution: in addition to eating more foods for strengthening the spleen and dampness, resolving phlegm and removing dampness, such as white radish, lentil, coix seed, red bean, etc. We should also "quit acid and increase pungent, help kidney and liver" and eat more pungent leek, coriander, carrot, ginger, shepherd's purse, chrysanthemum, rape, onion, etc. Grain is for nourishment. It is sweet, warm and beneficial to Qi. The staple food must be eaten. Eating some miscellaneous grains appropriately is also conducive to improving your physique. Eat less fat, sweet, sweet drinks and other products that are unfavorable to your health, and each meal should not be too full.

惊蛰节气痰湿体质养生要点 怎么做

phlegm dampness constitution wake up tips: phlegm dampness constitution is easy to stay in bed. Don't set the alarm clock too early to avoid reaction. You can go to bed early and get up early. Don't get up in a hurry after waking up. You can breathe and breathe in bed first to calm down. In bed, use 10 minutes to comb your hair, iron your eyes, rub your ears and rub your face. These simple actions can make you hear and see clearly, moisturize your face and have thick hair.

惊蛰节气痰湿体质养生要点 怎么做

phlegm dampness constitution tea drinking tips: you can drink more jasmine tea for phlegm dampness constitution. Put 2G of jasmine tea in a tea cup and brew it with 100ml of 85 ℃ hot water for 2 minutes. Jasmine is warm in nature. It has the function of regulating qi and clearing deficiency fire. It is married with cold green tea. It can regulate qi and relieve pain, reduce swelling and detoxification, warm the middle and stomach, and strengthen immunity. Office workers can't lift their spirits in the afternoon. When their eyes are sore, they make a drink as if they have charged themselves with electricity. When they are refreshed, they are a good spring tea. It can be drunk by ordinary people, especially for people who are tired and overuse their eyes. Easy to get angry, love acne and other people with heat poisoning in the body and pregnant women should not drink.

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