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What are the key points of exercise and health preservation

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awakens the stinging solar term, the weather gradually improves, and the outdoor rain also becomes a little less. Everything began to wake up, full of spring. This kind of weather is the most suitable for exercise. Exercise can enhance the immune function of the human body and strengthen the body. Do you know what are the key points of Jingzhe exercise regimen? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


walking fitness. Everything recovers in spring. At this time, the best way to exercise is "walking fitness". "Healthy walking" is a form of exercise between walking and competitive walking. The action essentials of "healthy walking" are: lift the front leg high and pedal the rear leg hard, so that the muscles of both legs work hard at the same time and walk forward in a big step and quickly. In the breath of spring, whether in the morning or evening, put on a pair of appropriate sports shoes, choose a quiet path, walk fast, immerse yourself in the fragrance of birds and flowers, wander in the natural oxygen bar, and relax your whole body in the "healthy walk".


stretching in the morning is the best way to exercise in spring. The reason why we advocate stretching in the morning is that after a night's sleep, the human body is soft and slack, and the circulation of blood and blood is slow. Therefore, when we wake up, we always feel lazy and weak. At this time, if we stretch our limbs, stretch our waist and abdomen, exert our muscles all over, and combine deep breathing and deep breathing, It has the functions of exhaling the old and absorbing the new, promoting qi and activating blood circulation, unblocking meridians and joints, and stimulating spirit. It can relieve fatigue, awaken the mind, increase strength and activate limb joints. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "human lying blood belongs to the liver" and "human moving blood flows through the meridians". After stretching, the blood circulation speeds up, the muscles and joints of the whole body are active, sleepless and clear-minded. At the same time, it stimulates the liver function, which is in line with the way of nourishing the liver in spring.


kite flying is a sport suitable for young people, the elderly and children. It can not only release pressure, pleasant mood, but also exercise. In the process of flying kites, while breathing fresh air, we unconsciously exercised our hands, elbows, waist, legs, arms and other parts. In addition, when flying a kite, it can effectively adjust the muscles of the eyes, eliminate eye fatigue, protect and increase eyesight. It is also a good choice for teenagers with heavy schoolwork.


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