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What are the poems that awaken the insects

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poetry is a cultural treasure of our country. Countless poets and famous sentences have emerged in the long river of Chinese history, which have greatly enriched our cultural heritage. As an important agricultural criterion in ancient times, the twenty-four solar terms are naturally chanted by literati. Do you know the poems about waking insects? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!

惊蛰的诗句有哪些 万物萌动

Jingzhe [Tao Yuanming of Jin Dynasty] promotes the spring to penetrate the rain, and thunder begins to strike the east corner. All the stingers are hidden and frightened, and the plants are comfortable. Pianpian, the new Yan, both came into my house. The first nest is still there, and the phase will return to the old house. Since parting, the door has been deserted; My heart is solid. What's your feeling? Tao Yuanming (about 365-427), with bright characters and no. of Mr. Wuliu, was known as Mr. Jingjie in the world. He was renamed Qian after Liu Song Dynasty. Poets, writers, poets and essayists in the late Eastern Jin Dynasty and the early Southern Song Dynasty. He was born in Deyang Chaisang (now Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province) in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Tao Yuanming's poems take pastoral life as the main theme. This poem describes the characteristics of the warmer weather after the spring thunder, and expresses the author's pastoral life satisfied with the current situation and the mountains.

惊蛰的诗句有哪些 万物萌动

startling the dormant sun and thunder [song Qiuyuan] there was a thunder in the Kun palace in the middle of the night, and the flower house of the dormant household was already open. The wild wind blew high, the candles went out, and the electric rain rushed to the window. Suddenly, the plants and trees were in a spirit of farewell. They were naturally urged by the climate of greetings. Qiu yuan (1247-1326) was born in Qiantang (today's Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province) with the word Renjin and the word Renfu. He lived in Qiu mountain on Yuhang Creek and was named as a mountain village and a mountain village people. He was a writer and calligrapher of the Yuan Dynasty. This poem describes the scenery after the spring thunder when the insects were awakened. In the middle of the night, the spring thunder sounded, the flowers were in full bloom, the wind and rain were fierce in the field, and the vegetation was refreshed after being washed by the rain.

惊蛰的诗句有哪些 万物萌动

chants 24 Qi poems to awaken the insects in February Festival [Yuanzhen of Tang Dynasty] the early Yang awakens the insects in the early days of the earth week. Peach blossoms bloom in Shu brocade, eagles age and spring doves. Time is pressing, sprouts and cultivates each other. Human affairs cause trouble and cultivate all fields. Yuanzhen (779-831), Luoyang of Tang Dynasty (now Luoyang, Henan Province) Yuan Zhen is a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty. His poems have a shallow meaning of sadness, like the lamentation of a lonely Phoenix, which is very close to people's hearts and touching the heart. Yuan Zhen's creation is the most successful in poetry. His Yuefu Poetry Creation is mostly influenced by Zhang Ji and Wang Jian, and his "new Yuefu" is directly due to Li Shen.


During the solar term of waking up to hibernation, the weather began to warm up, the spring thunder sounded, and the dormant animals woke up and moved one after another. "Eagle aging spring Dove" according to the records of Yizhou book · Shixun, "after waking up to hibernation for ten days, the eagle turns into a dove. In autumn, the dove turns into an eagle." this should refer to the change of phenology. "Moment repair" For the sake of great growth, the warm climate urges all things to grow urgently during the hibernation season. In the spring ploughing period, people also seize the time to plough, and the sprouting buds will grow tall and grow quickly.

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