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What should Gu Yu do to sacrifice the sea? What activities are there

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Gu Yu, as one of the 24 solar terms, not only plays an important role in farming, but also has very important significance for coastal fishermen, because fishermen want to sacrifice the sea on this day and pray for peace in the year. So this issue of the old yellow calendar takes you to know how Gu Yu sacrificed to the sea and what activities to do.

谷雨祭海要怎么 有什么活动

what should Gu Yu do to sacrifice to the sea? Clean the temple, courtyard, theater and so on. On Gu Yu day, fishermen dressed in festival costumes flocked from all directions to the Dragon King Temple, the goddess of the sea temple, the seaside or streets to celebrate the festival. According to the memory of Xu Yuanzhi, an old man who once worked as a Taoist in Tianhou palace in Shidao, Rongcheng City (from Xiaochi village, Yatou, Rongcheng City), on this day of the festival, the temple, courtyard, theater and other places in Tianhou palace in Shidao must be cleaned early in the morning, and tin honor guards such as "mace, melon, Tomahawk, axe facing the stirrup" in Tianhou palace must be removed, and the silk covers usually worn are removed and polished. Then he arranged the curtains and plaques in the temple neatly.

谷雨祭海要怎么 有什么活动

in preparation for the three animals sacrifice to the sea, the most important thing is to select the "three animals", mainly pigs, fish and chickens. Pigs are mainly black pigs. After killing the pigs, a wisp of black hair must be left above the pig's head, which represents the meaning of the whole pig. When sacrificing the sea, inflate the killed pig, then tie the pig to a small table, and put red silk and big red flowers on the pig's head. In addition, the chicken must choose the bigger one first, and the fish must choose the bass to show good luck.

谷雨祭海要怎么 有什么活动

on the day of worshiping the Sea Dragon King, some people also went to the beach to burn paper and incense, set off firecrackers and worship the sea dragon king. In Rongcheng Stone Island, li island and other large docks, festival activities are not only large-scale, but also long-lasting. In addition to temple activities, streets and alleys are crowded with people walking on stilts, dancing dragons and playing lions. The atmosphere is even more lively than the new year. The climax of the worship ceremony is at night. At night, all Haikou lights are bright. Local businesses and fishing houses organized to raise funds from all walks of life and held a grand "sea lantern" ceremony. The scale of the ceremony is similar to the Yulan basin festival of Buddhism. In front of the sea lanterns, set up a huge incense table in a spacious place, place sacrifices, burn incense and paper, ask monks and Taoists to build a platform to chant scriptures, and throw alms into the sea, that is, steamed buns.


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