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Frost term is the first day of the lunar month. What are the customs

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among the 24 solar terms, frost fall belongs to the solar term in autumn, but in people's cognition, frost fall is a cold solar term. What is the first day of the lunar month in 2019? What are the customs of frost? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

霜降节气是农历几月初几2019 风俗有哪些 you may be interested in: is winter after frost? What does it mean

Q: what is the first day of the lunar month in 2019? A: the frost term in 2019 is September 26 of the lunar calendar. What are the frost customs of


on Thursday, October 24? The frost season is when autumn chrysanthemums are in full bloom. At this time, many places in China will hold chrysanthemum parties to enjoy chrysanthemums and drink to show their respect and love for chrysanthemums. Before the frost falls, collect a hundred pots of famous chrysanthemums and place them in the Guangsha building. The front porch is light and the back is light. You can also build a chrysanthemum tower. Put good wine and food in front of the chrysanthemum tower. First, the family bow and bow to the chrysanthemum God according to the order of elders and children, and then drink, admire chrysanthemums, write poems and splash ink. Most scholars in Beijing hold chrysanthemum meetings in Tianning Temple, Taoran Pavilion, longzhaihuai and so on.


send taro ghost frost, which is the last solar term in autumn. People also attach great importance to it. There are customs such as dispelling evils and sweeping tombs everywhere to pray for good weather and a happy and healthy life. For example, in some places such as Yantai, Shandong, people have to go to the western suburbs to welcome the frost on the day of frost; In Gaoming area of Guangdong Province, there is the custom of "sending taro ghosts" before frost. In frost season, people will stack tiles into a Hanoi Tower, put dry firewood into the tower and ignite it. The more the fire is, the better. Until the tiles are red, push down the Hanoi Tower and heat the taro with red tiles, which is locally called "taro pot". Finally, throw the tiles outside the village, which is "taro ghost". In this way, people fight against evil and welcome good luck.

霜降节气是农历几月初几2019 风俗有哪些 you may be interested in: what are the characteristics of the frost term? What can be planted?

Tomb sweeping in ancient times, people had to go to the tomb sweeping in frost season. According to the Qing Tongli, it is recorded that "on the cold food and frost Festival at the age of 18, I visited and expanded Tsuen. When the time is up, I will wear plain clothes to reach the tomb, with the tools of wine writing and diamond cutting plants and trees; Zhou clothes seal the trees and cut off the thorns, so it is called sweeping the tomb." nowadays, the custom of frost sweeping the tomb is rare. However, the "cold clothes Festival" on the first day of October in the frost season is still popular among the people. Hanyi Festival, also known as "October Dynasty", "ancestor worship Festival", "netherworld Festival" and "Ghost Festival", is called the three "Ghost Festivals" together with Qingming Festival and Zhongyuan Festival. In order to prevent our ancestors from being cold in the underworld, on the night of Hanyi Festival, people should burn five-color (red, yellow, blue, white and black) paper with cotton outside the door, and pour dumplings into a gray circle, which means that it is cold and send warm clothes to our ancestors. Hanyi Festival is a day for people today to cherish the memory and compassion of their old friends. It is also a day for relatives to send warm clothes to people they care about.

霜降节气是农历几月初几2019 风俗有哪些 you may be interested in: what is the season of frost? What is the meaning of

there is a custom of climbing up and overlooking in the season of frost. Climbing high can not only make the lung function comfortable, but also climb high to look into the distance, relaxed and happy, which can relieve the mood. The sky is high and the clouds are light, and the maple leaves are dyed. It is pleasing to the eyes to climb up and overlook, but we should also pay attention to it. The climbing time should avoid the morning and evening when the temperature is low. When climbing, be calm and slow to prevent waist and leg sprains; Don't walk too fast down the mountain to avoid knee injury or muscle strain. In the process of climbing, clothes should be increased or decreased to adapt to the change of temperature; During rest, do not sit on the wet ground or at the air outlet; When sweating, loosen the buttons slightly. Don't take off your clothes and hat to prevent cold.

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