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Lidong custom and folk traditional custom activities

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has different custom activities in different solar terms. Each custom activity has its own meaning. What are the customs of Lidong? What are the folk traditional customs of Lidong? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

立冬风俗 民间传统习俗活动 you may be interested in: what month is the beginning of winter? Is 2019 and the winter solstice one day?

the custom of the beginning of winter is that the heater will be cold after frost. Therefore, the opening date of each place is usually in the early October of the lunar calendar. According to the records of the age of Jingchu, "tourists gather in the White Deer Cave of Lushan Mountain. Every winter is cold, and the black salary in the gold market is ready to keep out the cold. It is called the black gold society. On October day, the life wine is the stove meeting." in Peiping, the Kang is usually warmed on the first day of October, and a stove is set up, which is called the furnace opening Festival. The stove is not removed until the first day of February the next year. Heaters are mostly built with a kind of combustion resistant mineral), which is whiter than alunite, light, warm and solid. Later, thin iron was used as heaters. According to the miscellaneous notes of the age, when people in Beijing drink in October, they roast large pieces of meat in the oven and eat while drinking around the stove, which is called the "stove". The book of rites · monthly order records that there is a heater meeting in October. Kunshan in Jiangsu, Taiping in Anhui and Zhongxiang in Hubei also began to use fire to keep out the cold at the beginning of the month. During this period, some people sold cakes for food or drank alcohol and held heater meetings.


fried herbs are one of the fragrant herbs. Waving them on the grass with sleeves will strike people with fragrance. They can be sewn into sachets for wearing. Burning herbs can prevent plague, dispel miasma and expel filth in houses; Wearing a sachet can relieve depression; Soup and bath can dispel wind and cold; Put it on the hair room to remove dirt; Decoct with water and wine and apply it on the face, which can remove black spots and nourish the face. Plants such as LAN Hui also belong to vanilla. They are all pungent and have the spirit of divergence. They are enough to eliminate filth, moisten muscles and disperse stagnation.

立冬风俗 民间传统习俗活动 you may be interested in: what is the date of the beginning of winter? 2019 means

picking mulberry leaves. Mulberry leaves are bitter, sweet and cold, can dispel wind and heat, cool blood and brighten eyes. It is better to be old and frosty, and take the characteristics of thick Qi and strength. At this time, it is already a cold winter, and the atmosphere of killing in autumn can be eliminated. Mulberry leaves can better relieve the stagnation of liver and gallbladder. Guangji recipe says that 120 pieces of mulberry leaves are collected in winter. In case of leap year, more than 10 pieces are collected and used each time. When you need to wash your eyes, wash your eyes with mulberry leaf decoction, which can treat all kinds of eye diseases. Others, such as Puji recipe and Jijian recipe, record the methods of using mulberry leaves to treat blue blindness, wind eye tears and redness and astringent pain.


eat mutton. Mutton is sweet, hot and belongs to fire. It can supplement yuan and Yang, treat physical deficiency and weakness, resist cold and replenish qi, calm down and stop shock, and has a strong nutritional effect. Mutton tastes especially delicious after autumn and winter. In addition to sleeping outside the Great Wall, places such as Inner Mongolia and Tibet generally begin to eat mutton in late autumn until the beginning of spring. For example, in Changxing, Zhejiang, shops have been set up in August of the lunar calendar to slaughter sheep for sale. There is a folk saying: "on the first day of the month, a sheep is cut." It didn't stop selling until new year's Eve. Along the Taihu Lake Basin, sheep are abundant. In winter, mutton is also seasonal.


to repair farm tools. In the middle of winter, farming has been completed. Farmers should check and repair all farm tools in their spare time. If it is found that it is damaged or unusable, it shall be repaired or added immediately, so as not to delay the agricultural season in the coming spring. In the book of rites · monthly order, there is a winter month "ordering farmers to plan, put aside farming, repair and recruit, and have field tools". That's what I mean.

立冬风俗 民间传统习俗活动 you may be interested in: how do the north and South regions spend the solar term in the beginning of winter? All kinds of plants that make fertilizer, except those that grow in the swamp, mostly rely on their roots to absorb the nutrients in the earth city to maintain their lives. In the mountains where there are no people all year round, the trees are particularly lush. It is the dead branches and leaves that depend on the plants and trees that accumulate over time to form fertilizer. Plants and trees wither in winter. In areas close to mountains and forests or in homes with gardens, withered branches and leaves are everywhere. It is the best time for farmers to make compost.


welcome winter in feudal society, the imperial court will hold a ceremony to welcome winter in the suburbs, reward the ministers' winter clothes and comfort the orphans and widows. It is recorded in Lv's spring and autumn · Meng Dong that "it is also the month that begins winter. The emperor, the thirsty son of Taishi, said: 'one day, winter begins, and virtue is in the water.' the son of heaven is fasting. On the day of beginning winter, the son of heaven personally led the three Duke and nine Qing officials to welcome the winter in the northern suburbs. In addition, it is to reward death and sympathize with orphans and widows." on that day, the emperor led the three Duke and nine Qing officials to welcome the winter six miles away from the northern suburbs. When he comes back, the emperor will give him a great reward to see the society at ease, and will compensate the orphans and widows.


offer sacrifices to the winter God. In ancient times, at the beginning of winter, the emperor would wear black clothes, ride an iron horse, and take all civil and military officials to the northern suburbs to offer sacrifices to the winter God. The name of winter God is Yu Qiang, with the word xuanming. According to the book of mountains and seas, he lives on an island in the North Sea. He looks strange: human face, bird body, two green snakes hanging on his ears and two flying red snakes with his feet. The scene of offering sacrifices to the winter God was very grand. According to the records of the historian, in the Han Dynasty, 70 boys and girls sang the song of xuanming together: "xuanming mausoleum is overcast, and insects cover it... When Ji gathers, it covers Jiayi." it means that it is cold, so we should collect good food.

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