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What season is the solar term light snow? Climatic characteristics fishing methods

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may be strange to you, but it is the solar term after the beginning of winter. At the beginning of winter, the weather gradually becomes cold. What season is the solar term light snow? What are the climatic characteristics? What are the fishing methods of light snow? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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solar term light snow season: winter light snow is the second solar term in winter. The temperature drops and snow begins to fall, but it is not the season of heavy snow, so it is called light snow. Before and after the light snow, the Yellow River Basin began to snow (the snow in the South was two solar terms later); In the north, it has entered the freezing season. Light snow indicates the starting time and degree of snow. Snow is the product of cold weather. Entering this solar term, the northeast wind in vast areas of China began to become a regular visitor, and the temperature decreased and gradually dropped below 0 ℃, but the earth was not too cold. Although it began to snow, the amount of snow was small. Climatic characteristics of light snow in


solar terms the temperature in the light snow stage is lower than that in the winter stage. The light snow solar term means that there will be snow in North China. The cold air makes the temperature in most parts of northern China gradually reach below 0 ℃. The average early snow period in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is basically consistent with the light snow festival. Although it begins to snow, the amount of snow is generally small, frozen at night and thawed at day. If the cold air force is strong and the warm moisture flow is more active, it may also snow heavily; The northern part of the South began to enter winter. "The lotus has no rain cover, and the chrysanthemum residue still has proud frost branches", which has shown the scene of early winter.

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light snow? The fishing position should be 3-5 meters deep. Try to find the deep water under the rock, under the canzi, beside the water and grass and beside the pier. If it is yehegou, look for the deep-water Taipa. Lifting fishing should also choose a deeper place to set up a rod. River fishing should be in the middle, preferably on a barge.


nesting methods choose different water depths to nest according to the weather conditions (sunny, cloudy and rainy days). Generally, 2-3 nests can be made. The nest material can be mixed with feed, sweet potato, vegetable cake and rice wine, and kneaded to make a nest. It's usually a one-time nest. You can make up some wine and rice on the way. You don't have to nest a rock pole.

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fishing methods the fish are fatter during this period of time. It is advisable to focus on rock rod fishing explosion, supplemented by hand rod. Try to choose a hand pole more than 5.4 meters, and the fish far away will be larger. Don't stick to a nest, walk around and fish. Whichever nest has fish, fish more in this nest for a while. As long as you find the right fish nest, you will be soft. Fish's mouth will be very light. Pay attention to observation. After the fish is caught, it should be dragged away from the nest as soon as possible to avoid making a nest. Normal fishing is. There are three points to pay attention to: when the weather is cold and the fish are in deep water, we should choose deep-water fishing points; The feeding force of fish is slight. Use small hook and thin line, and pay attention to lifting the hook bait to lure the fish to eat; If it is a commercial bait, the bait should be fishy, small and soft. In fact, it should not be too soft. The bite of fish is already slight, and the soft bait is not easy to show a signal. If it is an earthworm, it needs to be small, tender and live.


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