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Introduction to winter solstice solar terms and related Poems

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winter solstice is a traditional festival in China and one of the 24 solar terms. In the winter solstice, people will carry out tomb sweeping, sacrifice and other activities. What is the brief introduction of the winter solstice? What are the winter solstice related poems? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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Introduction to the winter solstice solar term. The winter solstice, also known as "yiyangsheng", is an important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar and a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is commonly known as "count nine, winter festival", "long solstice" and "sub year old", As early as the spring and Autumn period more than 2500 years ago, China has used tugui to observe the sun and determine the winter solstice. It is the earliest of the 24 solar terms, which is from December 21 to 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. It is worth noting that before and after the winter solstice, the earth is located near the perihelion and runs slightly faster, which makes the time when the sun shines directly on the southern hemisphere about 8 days shorter than that in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, the winter in the northern hemisphere is slightly shorter than that in summer.


winter solstice related Verses "small solstice" Du Fu's time and personnel urge each other every day, and the winter solstice is sunny and spring comes again. Embroidered five patterns add weak lines and blow Jia six tubes of floating ash. Shore capacity to wait for the wax will shuliu, the mountain will rush the cold and want to put the plum. Clouds and things are not different, villages and countries are different. Teach children and cover the cup in the palm.

winter solstice the northwest wind of the zuohe River blows all kinds of grass, and several times it is cold and sunny. The day is the shortest, but I see the golden plum blossom.

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? The winter solstice Du Fu is a long guest every year and every day, sometimes in poverty and mud killing. The river described me as old alone and the custom of dating in the horizon. After the snow, the staff Chenopodium faces the Dan Valley, and the jade morning comes to disperse the purple Chen. There is no inch at this time. Where can I see Sanqin.

the winter solstice in Guiguzi has nine days of sunshine, and the clear frost wind is high. It is another balance day, and the sub line returns from south to north.


thinking about home on the winter solstice night in Handan Bai Juyi holds his knee in front of the lamp during the winter solstice in Handan post. If you want to sit at home late at night, you should also talk about people traveling far away.

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sending the younger brothers of the capital and huaicui Dushui on the night of the winter solstice? Weiying Wuli county has no different politics, and the worry is vegetarian food. The disciples ordered to go to the state of Beijing and stay in the cold of the year. Ziyuesheng Qi, the southern end of Yangjing. Have a sense of season, but also hold parting acid. Private Yan Xi cloud, but also Zhai night Fang LAN. The dark curtain sinks into the sky, and the solitary lamp shines on the sheets. We should read together in the evening, rather forget the old joy. The Sichuan Road seems long and clear, and the tears are dry.

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