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Complete manual copy of frost pictures in 2019, simple and good drawing template

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Among the 24 solar terms of

, frost is the solar term in autumn, but people don't know much about frost. In order to let more people know about frost, many people will choose the way of manual report. What are the simple templates for manual report of frost pictures in 2019? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

2019年霜降图片大全 手抄报简单好画模板 you may be interested in: today's frost is going to die in autumn, and winter is coming.

frost is the 18th of the 24 solar terms. Fighting finger Xu; The solar yellow meridian is 210 °; The festival is held from October 23 to 24 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The cold weather begins with frost. Frost is the last solar term in autumn, the solar term reflecting the change of temperature, the transition from autumn to winter, which means that winter is about to enter. As the saying goes, "frost kills all grass". After frost, plants gradually lose their vitality and the earth is bleak. Frost does not mean "frost", but that the weather is getting colder; When frozen, there is frost. The earth may have the phenomenon of initial frost due to freezing. After the frost term, the scene of late autumn is obvious, and the cold air is more and more frequent. After the frost falls, the weather becomes cold gradually, and the temperature difference between day and night changes greatly. "Frost drop" reflects a sudden drop in temperature, not that it will "frost" when entering this solar term. There is no concept of "frost fall" in meteorology. In meteorology, the first frost in autumn is generally called "early frost" or "first frost", while the last frost in spring is called "late frost" or "final frost"; The interval from the last frost to the first frost is the frost free period. "Frost reduction" usually occurs from autumn to spring. "Frost" is a manifestation of cold weather. Since frost has frost, autumn frost and spring frost are collectively referred to as frost.

2019年霜降图片大全 手抄报简单好画模板) you may be interested in: the 24 solar terms song

frost climate characteristics the main climate characteristics in autumn are dry and the temperature gradually turns cold. After frost, the temperature difference between day and night is greater. It is cold in the morning and evening and hot at noon. Autumn dryness is obvious. After the frost, the plants gradually lost their vitality and the earth was bleak. From a scientific point of view, the saying "dew is frost" is inaccurate. The frozen dew formed by freezing dew drops is a small hard ice bead. Frost refers to the phenomenon of crop freezing damage caused by sharp temperature drop, and its damage temperature varies with crops, varieties and growth periods; To form frost, the temperature of the ground or ground object must be reduced below 0 ℃, and the moisture content in the air in the stratum must reach a certain degree.


and 2019年霜降图片大全 手抄报简单好画模板 you may be interested in: the secret of health preservation in the season of solar terms and frost


therefore, frost does not necessarily occur when frost occurs, and frost does not necessarily occur when frost occurs; However, because the temperature at the time of frost is relatively low, it is easy to cause frost if it continues to cool. The frost term is generally before and after October 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. At this time, the cold air goes south, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the temperature difference between day and night in southern China changes greatly; The temperature in some parts of the North has dropped below 0 ℃. For example, the average temperature in the north of Northeast China, the east of Inner Mongolia and most of the Northwest has fallen below 0 ℃.


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