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What should Xiaoxue pay attention to

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the light snow weather is getting colder and colder, and people are gradually paying attention to their own health preservation and keeping warm. What should be paid attention to in light snow health preservation? What should we pay attention to? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 小雪养生需要注意的事项 讲究什么 you may be interested in: the light snow in 2019 is a matter of attention for the health preservation of


. In winter, the Yang is hidden, the Yin is extremely prosperous, and the activities of all things tend to stop. Therefore, in the daily recuperation after the light snow solar term, remember to "cultivate" the yang to prepare for the next spring. Go to bed early and get up late: it's cold in winter. People need to go to bed early, but they don't have enough Yang in the morning. It's not recommended to get up early at this time. Proper getting up late is more beneficial to the body. Ensuring a certain amount of sleep in winter can keep the body healthy and balanced. Pay attention to clothes: too thick and too thin are not good, too little and too thin clothes, low room temperature, easy to catch a cold and consume Yang gas; On the contrary, if the clothes are too thick and the room temperature is too high, the Yang Qi can not be hidden, and the cold evil is easy to invade. It is suggested that when going out, people with weak physique should wear clothes with high collar and waist protection.

小雪养生需要注意的事项 讲究什么 you may be interested in: today's light snow is cool in winter, the temperature drops

reasonable diet light snow solar term diet for normal people, we should follow the principle of "Nourishing Yin in autumn and winter" and "no disturbance to Yang". It is neither cold nor hot. We should eat a diet that nourishes Yin and latent Yang and has high calories. Specifically, this season should eat warm tonic food and kidney tonic food. However, in this tonic season, eating too much greasy food often produces internal heat, acne, irritability and constipation, which has the internal environment of influenza. And spicy food can aggravate internal heat. If you don't pay attention to external wind cold, you can get influenza. Therefore, the diet should be reasonable and pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables. Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as Chinese cabbage, radish, banana, apple and pear. If you drink pear water every day, you can prevent dry mouth and throat caused by dry weather, and moisten your lungs and cough; You can also drink boiled radish water (preferably white radish), regulate qi, strengthen the spleen, clear heat and diuresis, promote digestion and prevent influenza.


and 小雪养生需要注意的事项 讲究什么 you may be interested in: what


about the customs of light snow regulate the mood? Before and after the light snow solar term, people's mood is easily affected because the time at night is longer and shorter, the time during the day is shorter and shorter, the Yang is hidden, the Yin is more and more prosperous, the temperature is lower, the weather is often cold and dark, and the leaves wither and the cold wind is rustling, Cause some psychological sadness, especially some elderly and patients with chronic diseases, and even lead to the occurrence of depressive symptoms. At this time, we should adjust our mentality and pay attention to the cultivation of spirit. Keep optimistic, enjoy festivals and control anger, listen to more music, and let the beautiful melody add fun to life. At the same time, you should participate in more recreational activities and bask in the sun, so as to arouse your enthusiasm and longing for life.

moderate exercise to prevent colds before and after the light snow solar term is the high incidence period of seasonal colds. Strengthening exercise can enhance immunity and effectively prevent colds. In addition, through sports, the blood flow of coronary artery increases significantly, so as to ensure the blood oxygen supply of brain, heart and other important organs and make people energetic. Exercise can also reduce the tension, anxiety and depression caused by autonomic nerve dysfunction. In light snow season, you should persevere in your own exercise. It's better to choose a warm place at noon. The venue should be in a place with fresh air. The exercise items should be walking, jogging, Taijiquan and radio exercises. You shouldn't do too violent activities. If you exercise too much, you can sweat profusely, sweat too much, and get cold easily, which will not only hurt the Yin, but also damage the Yang.


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