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Lidong blessing is a short and beautiful sentence

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Lidong is the first of the 24 solar terms in winter, indicating the beginning of winter. In winter, people will send winter blessings to people around them. What are the short words of Lidong blessings? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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"Lidong blessing is a short sentence 1. Lidong is the starting point of happiness; Please pay attention to cooling; Exercise, the key points to ensure health; Happiness is the starting point of blessing; Blessing is the key point of SMS; I wish you will always be the focus of attention; Happiness and sweetness have no end! Happy Lidong! 2. The wind is rustling, layers of cold, modest greetings and warm feelings; The sky is gray, the rain is gurgling, blowing away the sad clouds and showing a smile; Rest your feet, rest your leisure, take your time, and feel at ease; Stand in winter and keep out the cold. May you be happy every day. Happy Lidong! 3. When the winter solstice comes, autumn slips away. Leaves wither and flowers fade. Frost is thick and cold. Missing love, a higher level. Blessing, hurried to send. SMS, happy da. I wish you a healthy and happy winter! 4. Two magpies sing winter willows, and a row of troubles go to the West. I heard that Lidong is making up a text message to send warmth today. Seeing the smiling face here, you and I feel sweet. The window contains winter and autumn snow, and the door has been happy for 10000 years. At the beginning of winter, I wish you health and happiness! 5. The beginning of winter is coming, and the cold will come. Here, I knitted a scarf with my mobile phone. I hope it can bring you warmth and care. Through this message, I send my greetings to you: I wish you a happy beginning of winter!

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6. The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. The east wind is whistling and praying for blessings: float a winter snow and cage a blessing; The cold dew on the ground covers the gospel of life; Knot a river of cold ice, lock a season of good luck. Send a message, wish you good health and good luck in the beginning of winter! 7. The beginning of winter is coming, the chill is heavy, the north wind is howling, and the frost is thicker. The feeling of missing becomes stronger and stronger, and the SMS blessing rings dingdong. Pay attention to keeping warm in cold weather, and add clothes and quilts in time. I wish you good health and a happy winter! 8. At the beginning of winter, the harvest is not only cold, but also the floating snowflakes, which are dancing for us; And the thick fog, which is playing hide and seek with our door; And the cheerful sparrow, it is happy to our door. This Lidong, happy Lidong; This Lidong, beautiful Lidong. 9. After the beginning of winter, when winter comes, a short message shows concern. The weather changes and the cold is unbearable. You can add clothes and be quick by you. You can care more among your friends and wish warm hearts. The beginning of winter is here. May your life be more wonderful and good luck line up! 10. At the beginning of winter, the cold air drops from the sky. Send you a small cotton padded jacket to warm the winter without trouble. Send you a bowl of red jujube soup to keep warm and keep healthy. Send you a lucky fruit to live a happy and happy life. Send you a cup of sweet wine, sweet and happy!

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11. Lidong is coming today. SMS shows concern. A scarf is sent to you to surround you with warm good luck; Send another pair of gloves to keep warm and won't catch a cold; Thickened down cotton padded jacket, a winter disease does not disturb, with a text message, I wish you good luck! 12. The north wind blows coldly and ushers in the beginning of winter in the twinkling of an eye; Clear frost and cold floc all over the ground, thinking of the surging dark tide; Add clothes to keep warm and antifreeze, and worry about everything with the wind; Dream every night, relax day and night; Short greetings, long love, may you have a happy winter! 13. At the beginning of winter, the cold is thick, the frost is clear, and the cold flocs float on the ground; Distant people, read in their hearts, a greeting in winter; Send blessings, thousands of words, turn into warmth and moisten the bottom of my heart; I hope the beginning of winter solar term is healthy and happy, and everything goes well. 14. The beginning of winter is coming. It's cold, warm hand in hand, send you blessings, wish you happy, hope you happy, hold hands gently, send you greetings, the beginning of winter is cold, go out, add more clothes, sleep at night, cover the bedding, pay attention to keep warm, beware of colds, and the beginning of winter is happy. 15. At the beginning of winter, the clear snowflakes are floating in the wind, and the pure friendship is sliding on the heartstrings. Warm greetings are willing to keep you warm and warm, and deep blessings are flying through thousands of rivers and mountains. Friend, it's cold. Take care of your health. May you be happy and have a happy winter!


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