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What should we pay attention to the climatic characteristics of the cold solar terms

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severe cold is the last of the 24 solar terms and the last solar term in winter. The severe cold weather is relatively cold. What are the climatic characteristics of the severe cold solar terms? What should we pay attention to in the cold? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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the climate characteristics of the cold solar term. The cold time is the second half of January in the Gregorian calendar and the second half of December in the lunar calendar, which is the last solar term in the lunar year, meaning that the coldest time of the year has come, but the temperature gradually rises from low to high, which is often higher than the previous solar term, The average temperature is minus 2-4 ℃, the minimum temperature is generally minus 14-17 ℃, and the extreme minimum temperature can be reduced to more than minus 20 ℃. The lowest temperature in half of the years occurs in this solar term. The maximum depth of frozen soil is 30-40 cm, which is often the deepest solar term of frozen soil all year round. In the cold solar term, the atmospheric circulation is relatively stable, and the circulation adjustment cycle is about 20 days. During such circulation adjustment, there are often large-scale rain and snow weather and strong wind cooling. When there is a long wave ridge west of 80 degrees east longitude and a large coastal trough in East Asia, China will experience sustained low temperature under the control of northwest wind flow and the influence of continuously replenishing cold air. Mild cold and severe cold are the periods with the least rain in a year. The annual cold solar term, the rainfall in most parts of South China is only slightly higher than that in the early stage, the rainfall in most parts of South China is 5 ~ 10mm, and the mountainous area of Northwest Plateau is generally only 1 ~ 5mm. South China is dry in winter, the water consumption of overwintering crops is small, and the contradiction between farmland water supply and demand is generally not prominent. However, "don't complain about the rain and snow in the bitter cold, and the snow will be left to the wheat next year". Under the condition of scarce rain and snow, timely watering in different areas according to different farming habits and conditions is undoubtedly very good for the growth of spring crops.


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what should be paid attention to in the great cold solar terms? Diet should pay attention to the transition between the great cold and the beginning of spring. In accordance with the changes of seasons, people should gradually reduce the amount of food they take in the great cold, eat more food with the nature of rising and dispersing, and comply with the rising trend of all things. At this time, pay attention to nourishing blood and Qi and moistening the viscera. As the last solar term in winter, it is mainly composed of the spleen. For health preservation, pay attention to nourishing the spleen. The


cold solar terms should prevent diseases. In the cold season, the most important things to prevent are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, the Yellow River with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. In cold weather, we should try to avoid going out in the morning and evening, so as to prevent the large temperature difference between day and night from causing disease attack. Wear a coat, mask, hat and scarf when you go out.


cold solar terms indoor ventilation is cold when it is cold, but indoor ventilation should be carried out in the morning and evening to prevent bacteria and taking advantage of the weak point. For indoor heating, water should be poured on the floor or wet towels should be put up to maintain indoor humidity. The indoor temperature should be kept at 15-20 ℃, not too high or too low; We should reduce the number of visits to public places.

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great cold solar terms are taboo among the people. It is taboo that sunny days do not snow in great cold solar terms. There is a proverb that "great cold and three white days determine a good year", which also shows that great cold and snow have the meaning of auspicious snow and good years, which will also be reasonable from the perspective of natural science, Universities in winter can kill locusts, and there will be no insect disaster the next year. Moreover, winter snow can provide water for crops and store energy for spring, so it is appropriate to snow in cold time. The custom of


great cold solar terms coincides with the end of the year. In the great cold solar terms, people should not only comply with the solar terms and busy farming, but also prepare for the new year. They are busy catching up with the new year's fair, organizing iron Spring Festival couplets, sweeping away dust and cleaning things, removing old and new clothes, preparing all kinds of sacrificial offerings, pickled bacon, sausage, cooking fried chicken, duck and fish, etc, At the same time, we should offer sacrifices to our ancestors and various gods to pray for good weather in the coming year.

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