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Lidong wechat blessing is the best sentence to send to the circle of friends

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Lidong is one of the 24 solar terms, and the arrival of Lidong also means the arrival of winter. Among them, the blessings for festivals and solar terms are indispensable. What are the blessings of Lidong wechat? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

立冬微信祝福语 发朋友圈的最佳句子 you may be interested in: what is the date of Lidong 2019? What does

Lidong wechat blessing mean? 1. Time is in a hurry. In the blink of an eye, the leaves dance in the cold wind, and the sky is cold and cold. Thoughts are like a spring. Care for tens of thousands of weight. Send blessings thousands of miles. The weather is cold. Take care of your body. I wish Lidong a happy day! 2. In the twinkling of an eye, when winter comes, send a letter to tell. Don't hibernate too early. You can't sleep in. Add two sets of clothes and hold them in the hand of the thermos. Bake beside the oven and shine in the sun. Wind up text messages to make you laugh and warm your winter mood. The beginning of winter is coming. I wish you a happy holiday! 3. Set up a winter day and send you nine suns: the first, bright sunshine; The second, sunny; The third, Yang is proud; The fourth, Yang (Yang) long avoid short; The fifth star, Yang (Yang), is famous for ten thousand; The sixth, Xiyang; The seventh, warm yang; The eighth, lazy Yang; Ninth, meiyang. May you embrace the sun, be happy and auspicious in winter! 4. When winter comes, the cold wind is winding; Frost sword and ice knife cut away troubles; If the sun does not decrease, there is a lot of good luck; It is very important to laugh happily; Add clothes to keep out the cold, don't forget; Exercise, health is good; Wish you happiness! 5. The cold wind is howling and Howling; The green mountains are lonely and the red leaves are floating in disorder; Warm and cold, the sun shines; Occasional snowflakes, graceful pieces; When the temperature drops, the feeling is burning; Auspicious clouds flutter and happiness curls; Happy Lidong!

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6. The north wind is cold and the temperature is low. Take care when the beginning of winter comes; Add clothes, prevent wind and cold, and exercise regularly; Good friends, send greetings, words warm your heart. May you be in a good mood at Lidong and take care of fuankang! 7. At the beginning of winter, blessings are spread and deep friendship is with you; The cold wind blows, the temperature drops, and the greeting sound is warm in the heart; Plants wither, flowers wither, blessings are warm. I wish you good health and a happy life! 8. There is a kind of happiness from the consideration of friends and a kind of happiness from the love of partners! There is a kind of blessing from the bottom of my heart, and a kind of text message to send warm care! Send a small message to tell you: friend, the beginning of winter is coming again. May your winter be free of wind, frost, rain and snow, only sunny! I wish you happiness! 9. The autumn rain will go and the beginning of winter will come. The winter rain is drizzling and the cold wind is blowing; The sound of frost and ice falling in winter is close, cooling and keeping out the cold reminds you; Add clothes and trousers to warm hands and feet, and don't forget to be healthy during exercise; A greeting warms my heart and a blessing to you; I wish you health, warm heart and happiness every day. Happy Lidong! 10. After careful sowing in spring, hard work in summer, happy harvest in autumn and regular delivery at the beginning of winter. To collect this message is to collect the greetings of friends and permanent health and happiness! May you have a good mood every day, good health in the four seasons and happy beginning of winter!

立冬微信祝福语 发朋友圈的最佳句子 you may be interested in: the beginning of winter is the first solar terms to pay attention to.

11. When the temperature drops, the sound of flowers, the wind knows, the feeling of missing, the cold temperature, the winter knows, my blessing, you know, there is no gorgeous language, just want to send warm blessings to you in the beginning of winter! 12. Cold dew and frost spread all over the ground. It's hard to hide my mellow affection. A concern sends green silk, a little heart into the heart pool, and a wisp of care everywhere. A short message is warm as honey, carrying happy memories, with happy delicacy, with missing beauty, wrapped in the coat of good luck, and flies to your heart. Happy Lidong. 13. At the beginning of winter, the temperature drops and the cold wind brings coolness; Fallen leaves, one by one, take away sorrow; Stars, twinkling, bring missing; Past events, scene by scene, are right in front of us; Missing, a trace, spreading; SMS, wave by wave, convey the truth; Greetings, one by one, bring care, friend. It's getting cold. Please take care of your body. 14. The dead branches on the tree are shining. It's suspected that the window is not open. Raise your head to look at the snow and lower your head to see the winter frost; Suddenly, like the cold wind of the night, thousands of households turn on their heaters; A bell rings and the mobile phone calls, telling you that Lidong is coming! After a long cry, he began to add clothes, still holding a quilt and half covering his face. The water in taohuatan is thousands of feet deep. It's not as good as your friends' advice! 15. Beginning of winter, the starting point of winter; Exercise, the key points of health; Happiness, the starting point of happiness; The viewpoint of blessing and care; I wish you happiness and sweetness without end! Happy Lidong!


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