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Which solar terms is the winter solstice? Fishing precautions

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winter solstice is not only one of the 24 solar terms, but also one of the traditional festivals. On this day, people in some places will carry out sacrificial activities. How many solar terms are the winter solstice? What are the precautions for fishing in winter solstice? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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the winter solstice is the first solar term: the 22 winter solstices are the 22nd solar terms among the 24 solar terms, and the winter solstice indicates the arrival of cold winter. On this day, the sun was almost direct on the Tropic of cancer. The day was the shortest and the night was the longest in the northern hemisphere. It began to enter several nine cold days. Astronomy stipulates that this day is the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. After the winter solstice, the direct sunlight position gradually moves northward, and the days in the northern hemisphere gradually grow. As the saying goes: eating the winter solstice noodles will last a long day.

winter solstice fishing precautions 1. Preparation should be done well. It's cold in winter solstice, and preparation must be done before going out. First of all, bring more clothes. Because the water is relatively open, you feel colder. Moreover, you walk less when fishing, which will make you feel colder. The second thing is to bring hot water. In addition to drinking by yourself, it can also be used to add warm water to open bait, so that the state of bait can come out quickly.

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2. The temperature of the winter solstice is low, and there is no minimum, only lower. Therefore, we can only choose relatively warm weather for fishing, so we need to pay close attention to the weather forecast and speculate whether it is suitable for fishing on that day. If the weather tends to be stable in the next few days and there is no sudden change in temperature, get ready for fishing equipment and go.

3. Short days and long nights are the characteristics of the winter solstice, so fishermen should grasp the time of the day and fish when the sun appears, the temperature is warm and the fish are more active. Generally speaking, fish can be served from 9 to 16 o'clock.

4. Fishing position. In terms of fishing position selection, it is recommended to fish close, shallow and grass in sunny days. If it's cloudy, it's deep fishing, because the water temperature in deep water will be higher than that in shallow water. Of course, it's best for these fishing positions to face the sun. In this way, the fish and people are warm, which will make you confident to wait for the fish to speak. In terms of terrain, we need to choose some places with characteristics, such as riprap, gully, under the tree, etc.


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5. In terms of bait, it is recommended to prepare it according to the characteristics of low activity of fish. The commercial bait is mainly meat and fishy to stimulate the fish's appetite for food, and the soft and hard of bait should be changed according to the water depth. It is softer when fishing shallow and harder when fishing deep. Live bait can use earthworms, red worms, etc. remember not to be too big, because this season is generally fishing for wide temperature fish, most of which are crucian carp. Crucian carp has a small mouth. If the live bait is too big, it can't swallow it, and then unhook.

6. The fishing method should be appropriate. The key to winter fishing is long rod, thin line, small hook, small drift, small cone fishing and lington fishing. It is recommended to use insect bait for fishing in winter solstice. The fish mouth is light in winter solstice, and the active insect bait is more attractive to fish. Earthworm bait is not recommended for fishing in winter. Firstly, earthworm bait is in a semi dormant state in winter, with low cold resistance, and placed in fishing points with low water temperature, the live bait will also become dead bait. Therefore, red worm bait is still the main bait for fishing in winter. If flour bait is used, the bait must be light and small. When opening the bait, warm boiled water should also be used to adjust the bait to ensure that the bait will not harden into a piece; When opening the bait, the water should not be too much. Too much will lead to too fast atomization of the bait, and only the hook is left after the bait is in the end.


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